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How to do kegels

How to do kegels

Hello everyone.. I’m sorry about it.. But I’m so confuse about doing kegels it is so hard for me to try it because I don’t understand it very much.. Can anyone give me the easiest explanation how to do kegels?

There are a million threads about this, have you tried searching about this topic? The search button is on the upper right hand corner of this website.

A brief summary- those that haven’t kegeled before have a hard time doing so because the muscle is weak. To feel exactly what muscle it is, go pee, then stop the stream. Do this a couple of times, and focus on that area- it is the BC muscle that is stopping the stream, and it is the muscle that is used for kegeling.

All you have to do is squeeze this muscle as if you are stopping your stream of pee. Most people do this flacid and make a routine of kegeling.

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Get an erection and make your penis bounce up and down. You do that by using the same muscles used for kegels.

You don’t have to be erect to do them as an exercise.

See also: Locating the bc muscle

Thanks dude.

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