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How often do you get an erection during the day

How often do you get an erection during the day

Hi. I have been doing PE (beginner routine with about 100 jelqs) seriously for about 2 weeks now. Before this I was watching porn heavily and stopped watching that also. I have read the post about the EQ and how to use that to guide your PE routine and gauge the penis health. Here is what I have going on so far that is positive and a negative and I want to get some feedback from other people.

So every morning I wake up with morning wood. Also sometimes when I do wake up in the middle of the night I often have night wood.
My erection has become a bit harder, but Idk if that’s because of PE or stopping to watch porn. When me and GF start making out before sex, I get hard and from that moment until penetration I stay hard (through the undressing, through the caressing and through the fingering primer for her vagina for about 5 to 10 minutes I am able to stay rock hard) and my penis is in the best state while having sex.


After my frist orgasm when having sex, my next erection is just not very hard. Penetration is not as easy as with the first erection there is less blood in the penis and doesn’t stay hard if I pull it out for more than half a minute.

Throughout the day I do not get an erection at all randomly or even if I see something provocative ( like a nice ass or boobs). I think porn is to blame for this but Idk if there is anything to be concerned over, I just don’t get erections that easily anymore. Even when I touch myself I don’t easily get an erection.

I don’t think there is a problem with my libido as I am ready to fuck everyday if I could. I am just curious how many times do other members get erections throughout the day or if any at all.

For me it depends, I ride the thin line of full exhaustion and over training but I still get random wood throughout the day. Other thing is as you get older those marathon sex session diminish. It just sounds to me like you penis is tired from PE and yes porn is over stimulating.

Are you taking enough days off?
Maybe switch it up to 2 on/ 1 off?

I completely varies from guy to guy, and it will change with each guy with different ages, health, exercise etc.

EQ is evaluated by comparing YOUR OWN EQ (all six categories) and how it changes with PE. IF the 6 characteristics are getting better, then EQ is improving. IF its getting worse, EQ is dropping. You have to look at the whole picture to get your answer.

I very rarely get wood during the day.

I am 23. I stopped getting wood through the day a few months ago I would say. Not because of PE I don’t think. Also my routine is 2 day on 1 day off and sometimes I got for 2 days off. If I have sex and haven’t PE’d I take the day off because I really don’t get a good session by forcing it. I am definitely giving enough break.

I am 46. I don’t typically get hard during the day, but that may be because I am a landscaper and O need blood flow for the physical labor I do. On a positive note, my refractory rate has come way down. I can now get hard during a second time in less than 30 minutes after my first orgasm. This is a recurrent theme for the last week or so. I also wake up every morning with a blue veined diamond cutter every morning. Comes on about 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. And lasts till morning sex at about 6:30.

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