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How much pressure and grip

How much pressure and grip

Hey everyone! Starting off on the PE with the Newbie Routine.
Admittedly I don’t know how often and long I can stick to doing PE since it’s something one has to do almost every day, for years, to see any signs of growth - but nonetheless I want to give it a shot for a few months, even if the end result for me is essentially placebo.

Saying this, I’ve read the guides and posts on jelqing and stretching - I’m curious as to how tight the squeeze should actually be. With jelqing, it’s mentioned that blood should be trapped using the OK grip but I’m not sure if I have managed that so far - certainly haven’t felt it. I watched the videos and I notice the man performing the exercises actually quivers his hands and arms, presumably from gripping so hard - I take it the penis has to be literally choked to properly jelq?

My apologies if this has been asked, I used the advance search to try and locate similar posts but turned up short.
I’m taking measurements on Monday incidentally!

Thanks in advance all!

Looks like nobody has answered you yet. I use several variations of strength when I jelq, however I usually use a pretty strong grip so I can squeeze as much blood as possible up to the glans. It also may depend on what you’re actually trying to achieve. I want both length and girth. From what I’ve read, using a lower EQ while jelqing helps more with length where as a higher EQ will affect girth. I do about half and half, all at a pretty strong grip, and have seen pretty good results.

Happy Jelqing.

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