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How much is too much girth?

How much is too much girth?

That is to say, when does girth become a problem? I often think, and I am not immune from this accusation, that people here look for numbers rather than utility.

Starting stats: 7.6 bpl x 5.875 - 6 g

Hoping for: 9 bpl x 6.25 g

Originally Posted by downtownbill

That is to say, when does girth become a problem? I often think, and I am not immune from this accusation, that people here look for numbers rather than utility.

Take a look through the links here: Final Goals.

I truely would say a 6, 6.5 inch girth would be to much for a “normal” girl to easily handle. I have a 5.6 inch girth and I really do sometimes have a hard time with blowjob and even sex. Got turned down for anal sex more then you know! Say bye bye to anal if your bigger then 5.5. Unless she’s she’s a porn-star or freak. ;)

Do be careful guys.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Going from 4.5X4 to 6X5 would change your whole life… to 7.5X6 might make you less desirable to a very small % of women. The vast majority will love it. Going on up to 9X7 will eliminate some women from your potential partners, and will be a nightmare if you don’t know how to use it.

Originally Posted by iamaru
No exercises exist to take your dick from 9X7 inches back down to 7X5.5 inches. Make sure you know what you are doing before you grow a monster cock. Make sure you know how to use what you have before you make it even bigger….

Am I saying don’t get a bigger dick? NO! But an 8X6 dick will make you sex life worse….IF you don’t know how to use it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

If you have had much sexual experience, I would be surprised if you haven’t had a woman comment on you being a little too big at your present size.

I have the least girth midshaft (about 5 3/8”), the most at the base (probably about 6”) and about 5 1/2” just below the glans. I have been married for many years now, but had a couple of dozen female partners in prior years. Even my girth was a little uncomfortable for a couple, and more than a few experienced a lot of jaw fatigue when giving me head.

My guess is any girth above 5 1/2 inches is going to be more than desirable for at least some women, and anything above 6 inches is going to make it less likely for you to get properly sucked off.

Yes agree. I am perhaps 5.3 in girth, (but the head can be quite a bit bigger). My wife complained of jaw ache the other day. I thought nothing of it until I found a banana of the same girth, I experimented with “giving it head”, and found it quite a stretch for my jaws, and I have a huge mouth! So it’s something to think about. I am sure my wife would love a 6 inch girth for intercourse, but she says she likes to suck also. I doubt I would be getting much sucking at 6 inches girth.

Anyone of 6 inch girth got stories regarding B/Js?

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Marky, it gets a little teethy at 6 or so. Sex is a lot better with the larger girth—at least for me and some of the folks I know. There is a lot more sensation, especially if your partner stays lubed up. It can take a while to get inserted, but that is fun also. I does help my ego a little since I can remember the old 5 inch days.

2-06 6.375 bpel 5.0 mseg

7-08 7.375 bpel 6.25 mseg

7-09 7.50 bpel 6.25 mseg

I used to get anal all the time from the wife. Now that I’m 5.5” girth I rarely get anal. Hurts to much for her. It really sucks because that is my favorite hole :(

At 6.5” girth myself, I have a girl who loves to suck….and she can go a long time at it too. I can understand how getting much bigger can cause oral problems, but as for normal sex, you have to remember that a womans body is designed to pass a baby. While I disagree with most of what iamaru says above regarding being ‘less desireable’, he does make a valid point about ‘what you do’. Regardless of what your size is, whether it be 4” girth, or 7” girth….you can hurt your partner, and potentially yourself if you’re not careful.


Started - 7.5 x 6.0

Current - 7.75 x 6.5

Clamped pics

I’m about 6.5” (I really not measure it accurately). It’s too big for roughly 2 on 3 women, if you aren’t patient and carefully. BJ are an issue.

If you have a freaky girl down for pretty much whatever (and with a higher pain tolerance, which helps), girth isn’t as much of a limiting factor. However, having a large girth “sucks” because you can’t just dive into a woman, you have to really get her going to make sure she doesn’t end up bleeding. I had one girl who had blood running down her legs and all over my cock. It was the nastiest thing ever. My girth right now (cemeted) is 5” at glans, 5 3/4” at midshaft and 6 3/8” 1” from the base. Although I have had a 6” midshaft girth and had great anal sex.

downtown bill, your starting stats say you are at:

Starting stats: 7.6 bpl x 5.875 - 6 g

I gotta tell you that is some pretty good girth you have now. If it were me, I would be very happy with those figures and I would stop worrying about girth.

Now, on the question of how much is too much girth, try out this experiment.

1. Go to the store and pick up some cucumbers in varying sizes that are bigger than what you are now.

2. Measure them.

3. Now take each one and stick it in your mouth and hold it there. I think you are going to find it quite uncomfortable as you get much higher than 6”.

Now to give you an idea of where you are now — Lifestyle condom girth stats:

4.25” to 4.50” 17.1 %
4.50” to 4.75” 11.7 %
4.75” to 5.00” 24.1 %
5.00” to 5.25” 9.9 %
5.25” to 5.50” 11.5 %
5.50” to 5.75” 3.0 %
5.75” to 6.00” 3.9 %
6.00” to 6.25” 0.5 %
6.25” to 6.50” 0.5 %
6.50” to 6.75” 0.1 %

Marky777, another interesting post:

tntjockey - The ideal 8x6

Originally Posted by tntjockey
Just because a lot of guys around here think that (8 x 6) may be ideal doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Most of the guys that think it is are no where being near that size. Ask the 8x6er’s about blow jobs. I bet they feel teeth. Ask if they get a lot of anal. Hell no. So how ideal is 8x6? They may have great vaginal sex, but ideal to me is to the sex best sex in all the orifices.

My goal was 7.5 BPEL X 5.5 EG which I thought, and still do, is ideal. Guess what, I over shot my goal. I am 8.125 BPEL X 5.8 EG. My girth was too much for my wife to handle. From having sex almost every night to almost no sex at all. The quality of blow jobs went down, I started to feel teeth, a lot. A sharp tooth will turn an erection to a turtle, and I loved the blow jobs before the girth. I can’t stick all of my dick in my wife cause the base of my dick is well over 6 inches. I used to love touching pelvic to pelvic. Be careful what you wish for. My wife and I were PEing together (her helping me) to customize my dick, only to be told that I wasn’t PEing for the both of us, but for my ego. We went from having a lot of sex fun to a lot of arguments about sex, because it was to fat for her or, hey watch the teeth. I haven’t PE’d in over 7 months hoping I would loose some girth gains. Guess what, my girth gains cemented, I was hoping to go down to 5.5 EG.

Justlearning pick a realistic goal and go from there and see and feel what is good and ideal for you in what you feel with women and how women feel with you. Ideal and satisfaction as far as feeling goes work hand and hand. Bigger is not necessarily better.

So perhaps would 7.5x5.5 be ok with girth and ok with length?

I have scoutered the whole forum and not found anyone with this length in NBP.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

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