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How long can you hold a stretch for

How long can you hold a stretch for

Hello guys

I have been doing the newbie routine for about 8 weeks and finaly decided to move to something else. I think I gained 0.5 inches on newbie routine if I measured right. I started doing a bit more stretching to focus on my length goals. I started with 45 seconds and now at 1:15 per stretch; up, down left, right etc… It is okay if I keep adding 5 seconds to my stretches every week?


I think that is a very clever and safe way to gradually find the “zone” of the optimal growth. I did a similar approach during my Newbie Routine 3 months and ended up safe and sane at 5 minutes held for each stretch.

I now stepped back since January to a little bit different approach of less is more or better: quality instead of quantity. Because I am still not sure what works best for my dick. But still 2 minutes held per stretch for each direction.

Another thing I changed is the way to start and finish a stretch: not rushing in and out, but slowly build up or release tension about maybe 10 seconds.

The last thing is a way I found in a posting from Shazzan: start the stretch, release after 10 seconds, rest 5 seconds, the exhale deeply when re-starting the stretch. It leads to better expansion as the whole body relaxes. I call it the “Shazzan stretch”.

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