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How long after Jelqing should EQ come back

How long after Jelqing should EQ come back

I’ve noticed that after I jelq, stretch, do ads, my eq isn’t that good for the rest of the day/night and early into the next day.

Now some may say look thats a negative PI, you need to relax with the force, and time,etc. I do follow the 2 day on, one day off routine. I would think this would be normal, as when I work out it takes a little while for my muscles to recover, and I can’t just lift the next day.

So what have you guys noticed about EQ after you jelq. I don’t mean immediately after either. How long do you take to come back to your old self?

The answers varies depending on the person, but in my specific case I PE at night before going to bed and usually wake up with a better than before PE EQ.

When I first began and for a long time after I would sometimes suffer two days of low EQ as a result of a light jelqing routine.

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