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How I went from 5.5 to 7inch and why it hasn't made me any happier


How I went from 5.5 to 7inch and why it hasn't made me any happier

Hi all, I’ve lurked here for about 5 months and decided it was time to post something. It had always been my intention not to post a thread until I hit my goal (8x6) so that I could post one of those super inspirational stories, but since I haven’t gained in the last three months the 8x6 ain’t happening any time soon so I thought I’d share what little experience I have. There’s a lot in my head so forgive me if this goes off on a weird tangent..

I’ll start with why I began PE. I have always been a better-than-average guy. I am better than average looking. I am better than average at sports. I am better than average at pretty much everything (in my humble opinion). However, I have always had a hunch that I was not above average in the penis department. However, by the age of 21 I’d had a few girlfriends (all better than average looking) and none of them had any complaints, so it never really bothered me. Then I read an article on penis size in a magazine. It stated that the average size was 6x5. I went straight to measure. I came in at 5.5x4.5. I was devastated. Suddenly this was a very big issue for me. I just couldn’t accept being below average. I read everything I could find on penis size (all in print as I didn’t have the internet). It all said basically the same stuff, and all of it, every last thing I read, stated categorically that ‘THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE YOUR PENIS BIGGER’. Well, I wasn’t having it. I decided that since some of my erections were bigger than others, there had to be a way to make sure I had full strength erections all the time. And so I started performing exercises on my winky-dink. (I had no idea that anyone had thought of this before me). I broke every rule in the book. I had no warm up, I had no lube, I exercised mostly on an erect dick. Somehow I didn’t injure myself, and within 6-7 weeks I had gone up to 6.1 inches. Well, I thought I was Newton discovering gravity. I honestly believed I was the first person ever to do this - after all the magazines said it was impossible! But I decided I’d keep it as my little secret. Anyway, since 6.1 was technically above average, I stopped. All I’d ever wanted was to get over the line that separates the small. This was four years ago.

I had a bunch more girlfriends in these years and I would occasionally bring up size. Every one to a lady said my size was fine. Maybe they were all bullshitting me and maybe they weren’t, but what matters is that we had great sex and I felt confident.

Then about two years ago my confidence went. It’s kind of a long story and I’m going to boil it down. I was interested in a girl at my work. We were really good friends and could talk about anything. Anyway, she’d slept with another guy at work who was constantly on about his ‘Warrior’ (his cock). He was so proud of it. But she would always laugh and tell me “oh my good, trust me, he does not have a warrior”. Well, at a party one night this guy got his cock out and one of the girls measured it. It was 7.25 inches. I at this this point had 6.1. Well even though I was crazy about this girl I couldn’t take it further with her. If she was unimpressed by a 7 and a quarter incher, she was gonna be in hysterics at mine. So I decided it was back to my magical exercises. In three months I got to 6.5 inches BPEL (never really measured girth). At this point I felt confident enough to go out with her. The sex was awesome. I brought up the warrior issue and she was pretty cool about it. She said that her mocking him to me was because he was so arrogant about it. She said my size was perfect. Again, maybe she was bullshitting me, but I was happy.

We split up 6 months ago. It was just one of those things. But suddenly I had time on my hands. I thought why not enlarge your cock some more. Whilst we were together I had gotten the internet and discovered that some ancient Africans had apparently invented jelqing before me. I did some research and found thundersplace. So my stats at this point were 6.5x4.5 (I’d never gained any girth). For six months I have PE’d five times a week. In three months I got to 7.0x5.0, which is where I remain.

Here’s how I got there. I went from 5.5 to 6.5 with no guidance whatsoever. All the exercises I did have equivalents here though. My main exercise was basically jelqing. I also did a lot of light bends, but in hindsight this was insanity and I would not recommend it at all. The truth is that these gain came very easily. I was doing no more than 20-25 mins about 4 or 5 times a week (I invented rest days too). Since learning the correct techniques, I did the Newbie routine for a couple of months, but splitting the stretching and the jelqing across the day. When I got round to understanding LOT theory, I realised I was very low (around 7) and moved on to memento’s routine, posed under ‘rapid gains mechanism’. It’s great because it’s based around 20 mins of inverted v-stretching which hits the tunica.

But for the past two months nothing has worked. Nothing has even felt like it’s working. Trust the vets when you read about dick conditioning and gains slowing. My cock feels like it can take anything and will recover the next day good as new. In the three months since my gains stopped I have tried pretty much everything. The only road I haven’t gone down is hanging, because as an uncut guy I’ve read a lot about foreskin irritation, which I get from stretching. I am at a standstill and it is incredibly frustrating. This frustration has
Become an obsession. I am totally and utterly obsessed with my dick. It has become the thing on which all my confidence is based. If my dick feels like it’s swinging, I’m feel fantastic all over. If it is turtled up or not as hard as it has been, I feel like it’s two inches long and I feel crap.

Now I KNOW that I’m now above average, but that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about how you perceive it. This is how I’ve come to understand the people with starting stats like 8.5x5.5. I thought they were nuts. I’d kill to have that. But it’s all about what’s in your head and this is the message I want to get across to any Newbies. Yes, it is absolutely possible to add a couple of inches to your dick. For the record I’ve done less than 11 months PE in total (over four years) and added 1.5 lengh and 0.5 girth. If you work at it it will happen. But believe the warning at the front of thunders that says that it alone won’t make you happy. If you have insecurities they will resurface. I should feel great that I came from 5.5 to 7, but I actually have a lot less confidence than I did before I ever considered this whole thing.

But I’m not gonna end on a negative note. I know I’ll hit 8x6 sooner or later. And I also believe that barring injury, all PE is a positive thing. But I just wanted offer this two cents to newcomers - if you want a bigger dick you’re in the right place, but if there’s something underlying your dick wishes, jelqs and clamps won’t be enough.

Nice post. Certainly longer than average.

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Excellent first post. Welcome to the forum.


I thought as much, but it is nice to have it verified by someone who has walked the walk. And made it happen! I’m just beginning my PE journey and my motivation is slightly different, but having seen a fair share of life I’ve already got my “be careful what you wish for, you might get it” experiences too, and I expect nothing less of this endeavor. I fully accept that there’s no need to go for extremes; someone is always bound to be bigger. All the best for you Chad, I’m sure you can recognize the advantages of a greater awareness about all the aspects of your physicality as well. Changes in ones body, even positive ones as plastic surgeons doing trauma corrections will readily attest to, are always also shocking still. You certainly struck a chord with me, a good piece of writing indeed.

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Good post, with some real good points.

So how did you feel when your “above average” life came tumbling upon itself?

Could it be that perhaps you thought you were perfect, well above average in every way possible (even the people around you), and then when you read in some Cleo magazine about a guy’s average cock size and found that yours didn’t “measure up”, somehow all the “perfectness” fell to shit.

I’m not having a go at you, just perhaps you built yourself up in your mind to be a man made out of clay, and it took only half an inch (or lack there of) to smash it down. Good work on the gains, congrats, I just want to know, why if the dick thing took your confidence in the first place, you didn’t get it back once you even surpassed your “above average” goals?


Did you try pumping? it might be just what you need to get you over that barrier. Plus, U R FREAKING NUTS, 7” long is super duper awesome, unless you want to tickle someones lungs you dont need more then that, but thats just my opinion.

So 7x5 didnt make you any happier? Maybe you’re dick isnt the problem? However if you just look at where you are and how you feel currently, you are looking at you’re situation with to narrow a view. The question you have to ask yourself isnt am I happier now with a bigger dick. Thats like expecting to be happier because of you’re latest unneeded purchase of the month. The real question is would you be happier with the 5.5 x 4.5. Now clearly you would not, you’re observation of yourself lies with an obtained knowledge of being below average. Now you are wise, where as before you were ignorant. With knowledge comes wisdom, you are more wise and more hung, but you compare the former ignorant self to the wise self and find ignorance is bliss. Well we all would like to turn back time and run naked through the garden, but that time has passed.

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Great first post! Important message.

>>>Well, at a party one night this guy got his cock out and one of the girls measured it.

Where are these parties? :confused: Every week it seems like someone posts about guys whipping out their dicks at parties. I’ve never seen such a thing.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Great first post! Important message.

>>>Well, at a party one night this guy got his cock out and one of the girls measured it.

Where are these parties? :confused: Every week it seems like someone posts about guys whipping out their dicks at parties. I’ve never seen such a thing.

HAHAHA touche!

Could substitute pin the tail on the donkey with this at my little bro’s party next week where I am SURE to win (I fucken hope so) but the benefit of hindsight forbids me.


My favorite first post ever. So far. Welcome to the Forum. You can still gain more, but you’ll have to accept a lot of sacrifices in your life to do so. Kind of like what you have to accept to have kids. Best of luck to you. Keep posting.

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Ya know, I realize it’s a grass is always greener on the other side of the fence sort of thing, but right now I’d rather be better than average looking with a nice size dick than average looking with an 8X6.

It would be nice to have both, of course.

But I understand how events like the Warrior’s measuring can create obsession. My defining moment is described here: Ike - How strong is penis size related to self confidence? And even after three years here and some decent gains, I still don’t perceive myself as large enough.

Anyway, thank you for an outstanding first post.

Excellent post chad66, you bring up some important points to reflect upon. I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying. I have had some descent gains since I started PE about 2.5 years ago. But even though I’m above average now, at least in the length department, I also feel similar to the way you describe.
In retrospect I realize that by trying to change my dick and making it larger I also believed I would change myself, the way that I am and the way I perceive myself. However, this hasn’t happened to the extent that I imagined another inch, or whatever, would provide. So, I agree with what you say that gaining another inch isn’t really the key to happiness. Happiness and contentment, and also change, must come from within oneself. Sometimes it’s easy to think that “If I only had this or that my life would be so much better and I’d be happy”. But in applying the source of ones problems to an external factor one is missing the real problem which is, at least in my case, how I feel about myself and what I’m doing that prevents me from finding happiness and getting what I want out of life.

I’m still going for that 0.5” BPEL and 0.9” EG though. ;)

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Thanks for the responses. I thought I might get gunned down a lot more for seeming a bit ungrateful for my gains. I’m not. I’m really grateful for what I’ve achieved. I just wanted to be voice of reality to those starting out that PE can only do so much. It’s like that old Sprite advert: “Sprite is not a magic potion. It will not make run faster or jump higher. It will not make you more popular with the opposite sex.although I wish it would”.

You can substitute the word ‘Sprite’ for ‘Big Dick’ and it still runs true.

Except maybe the part about the opposite sex. The jury’s out on that one.

In all honesty guys, this thread speaks to the age-old pursuit of happiness concept. It is human nature to want more, better, faster, bigger. You would think that with about 6.5 billion of us currently looking for happiness in this way, someone would have found by now.

Maybe it can’t be found. Perhaps the point of “everything” is simply the quest itself. Chad66, and others like him, have discovered that Complete Satisfaction (with capital letters) is an elusive prey. I don’t think this revelation is a depressing one AT ALL!

It seems real to me. It seems like the truth.

I think men (perhaps more than women) are driven to seek higher ground. Maybe it has something to do with testosterone or social conditioning. Perhaps it is one of the hard-wired principles that makes us “men”. I do not want to stop hunting. I like the hunt, but I am learning not to expect Complete Satisfaction from it.

Aw, shucks.

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