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Power jelq

Should i jelq real hard after the third week?

Hello all PEer lads,

I have been jeqing for three weeks now. I can see some new skin being created just near the glan which is great. Should i do some real hard jeqing now on the forth week?


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hard jelqing

You could,but i would give it at least 2 months before trying anything that might lead to a premature injury.I’m having a few problems with girth at the moment and really went hard at it and got a mild thrombosis vein as a result,I’ve been P.Eing for about 6 months or so,and thought i could take it to the next level,my mistake.Just take it easy

what is a mild thrombosis vein??…since doing PE and PJ…..I’ve notice a lot of new and bigger veins….I was under the impression that this was a good thing? Any details or what is a bad vein and what is a good vein??

Hard jelqing

For want of a better description ,it is a hardened blood clot which in my case was about 3mm long and rather painfull and was caused by an overzealous girth routine,and took about 2 weeks to heal.

Cheers guys 4 the reply

I have been jeqing for 3 weeks now and it doesnt seem proper jeqing to me if a don’t squeeze hard, it just doesn’t feel like a successful jelqing section and at the end of it i just want to jelq more. Until now i haven’t had any scars or injuries. It just looks healthy and when i have a full erection it becomes really hard, like a bone.
I also am not taking any day off, i just don’t want to stop.
Is it allright to jelq everyday with no break day if i don’t have any injury?

Thank you guys:-)

I take Cat’s Claw for Ulcerative Colitis and remeber reading it works well on thombosis and clots I think. Maybe you should try it if it happens again or still doesn’t clear up from the first time

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