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How does my penis size up?

How does my penis size up?

Hey guys :)

Only just found this forum recently, although I have tried some jelqing in the past.

Just wondering what my penis size is like -

~16cm/6.3 inches Length
~13.5cm/5.3 inches Mid Shaft Circumference
~15cm/5.9 inches Base Circumference

Basically I’m wondering whether my penis is small, and whether it’s worth getting into some P.E.


skinflute :)

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Is that erect or flaccid measurements?

Erect sorry :)

That’s a thick penis of approximately average length. Given that most women care a lot more about girth than length, you’re pretty well off vis-a-vis the general male population.

It’s only worth getting into PE if a larger penis is something that you really think is worth devoting many hours to. Successful PE takes a big chunk of time, and I wouldn’t advise starting if you don’t have insecurity issues currently.

Or, to rephrase, if you’re happy with what you’ve got — an above-average sized unit — I’d leave well enough alone.

Thanks Para-Goomba :)

Above average especially in the girth department.

Progress Tracking As of 01/01/05 : 6.5 BPEL x 5.25 G As of 04/08/05 : 6.75 BPEL x 5.25 G Short Term Goal : 7 BPEL Long Term Goal : When a trip to china and getting on the great wall means hopping on my member

You and I are about the same. I have a little more girth…I’m only here because I have CDS ambitions which involve length…I’d listen to Para..Anyone with an Avitar of Olivia Hussy must be old enough to know. She was the subject of my wet dreams for years- ha, ha…

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

6.3 X 5.3-5.9 means that you have a medical condition known as “micro-penis.” The average erect penis measures 9 X 7 inches.

Hold on, that’s just here at Thunder’s!

Only you can deside if PE is worthwhile for you, welcome.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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(said of Juliet after taking her own life)

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Actually your penis is well within the average mean size for a mature man. I did a bit of work on mine because I was 5.75 long and 5.5 thick to start and decided that a little more would not only look better but serve me and my wife better. My new size of 7.5 x 6.5 looks great but the down side is my wife is rather small and she now says that the thickness is a bit much for her to take. In otherwords, it is lube time for us. So if you are happy with what you have stick with it and dont worry about making it larger.

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