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How does it "grow"?

How does it "grow"?

Ive been a silent member here on the board for quite some time now, just reading a lot - educating myself - and supervising “your” progress. Due to my living conditions Ive not really been able to do a routine myself - until now.

I cant say I love the gym, but I do workout with weights 5 times a week simply because I love the results - and I think Ill have a similiar approch to my PE routine when I do get going.

As a hobby-builder (amateur body-builder) I too read a lot, and I know pretty much everything when it comes to muscle ;) By knowing how the muscle mass grows, its easier to do an effective workout - you simply know what you’re doing so to speak.

So my question is - how does the penis grow? It doesnt really grow does it, but it does increase in volume somehow. I figured itd be wise to be clear on whats actually going on that “stimulates growth” - in order for me to get the best out of my routine.

Current: (14.5 cm) 5.7" BPEL and (11.0 cm) 4.3" EG

BPEL Progress: [13.0 ---|------- 18.0]

No muscle...all bloodflow.

There are a couple of different theories, definately read Bib’s LOT theory which has a stick in the “Main Member” Forum. Or go to this link:
Bib’s LOT Theory

Find your LOT. If you are above say 7 O’clock then you can benefit from ligament stretching. Basically stretch straight down. Your ligaments are the wires bundled around your penis where it meets your pubic bone. You can see them, below the fat pad, if you stretch the penis straight out. Your LOT will change stretching your ligs so after a while you will benefit more from the next paragraph. :)

If your lot is below 7 O’clock you are best to do tunica stretching above your lot. A good one would be to use a hanger to hang Over The Shoulder (OTS). Do a search here for tunica stretches and you will see a ton of exercises that can be done for this.

Both of these go buy cellular breakdown and healing. In this way it is similar to body-building, I figure.

Girth exercises or growing is where you fill your Corpus Cavernosum (CC) with excess blood. By doing this it allows for more blood flow hence increased size. You have 2 CC they are on either side of your penis, there is also a third chamber called the Corpus Spongiosum(sp?) or CS. You can really feel these when aroused.

Your CS delivers blood to your glans, hence if jelqing doing an OK grip you get an increase in the blood delivered to your glans. Over time this may help glans circulation.

I hope this helps, all of this information has been compiled in my brain from “trolling” this board for information. When you don’t know something the answer is probably here just do a Search for it. It helps immensely.


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I think it’s a combination of all these things-

Why the Penis GROWS, theories…

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