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How do you know you have stretched too much

How do you know you have stretched too much

Specifically ligaments. Are there any clear signs? Wondering for future reference.

Also about halfway through my stretching I get a full erection and decide I might as well use it to Jelq, is that bad? I do finish the stretching later but for some reason every time on my first stretching session I get an erection.

My name is sarcastic.

When you have a penis hanging down by your ankle I think that’s a good indication that you’ve overdone things a Little.

I think erections during stretching is quite common, it happens from time to time, but don’t let your penis mess up your routine, if you have a routine of 10 mins stretch and you get a hard on 5 mins into it, let the erection subside and complete the 10 mins.

A strict routine is key to gains, that is only my opinion, but I think most should agree.

I should have been more clear I guess. What does a stretching injury look like or feel like?

My name is sarcastic.

You’d know by feeling discomfort.

The erection ‘problem’ is mainly due to the newness of the exercises. You nerves are sending signals that you are about to use it sexually so you get ana erection. After a while your body will get use #d to the ‘intrusion’ and not take too much notice

If you stretch too much you will find discomfort even pain mainly arund the base of your unist. It’s best to leave off things for a few days. and then use less strength when pulling both for stretches and jelqing

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