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How Do Pornstars Get Thick, Plump, Bouncy Penises?

How Do Pornstars Get Thick, Plump, Bouncy Penises?

I have been watching some Brazzers porn just recently and noticed a lot of their male stars penises look really swollen and plumped up almost fat and I was wondering how they got that look.

My penis is rock hard and straight when I have an erection and not like the big bouncy penises you see in porn.


Over pumping.

Awful Erection quality.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Over pumping.
Awful Erection quality.

Yes, which is why you often see them squeeze the base to get hard enough to put it in.

You’ll see the same in porn featuring male strippers. It seems they often sport the same package you describe and sometimes have a band or something keeping them slightly engorged but they typically won’t get hard for shit even with women crawling all over them.

They probably put their penises through all sorts of trauma to give them that look.

Doesn’t sound like something to aspire to… at least not if you enjoy sex or want your partner to enjoy sex. (:

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