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Have a question about pornstars

Have a question about pornstars

Hi im new here.

Do male pornstars do Natural Penis enlargement exercises ? Their penises is damn huge and perfect looking.

I think the general thought on this question is a bull-horn YES! There is no doubt in my mind.

They get to fuck those super hot chicks, now I am jealous of their big sized dicks, I want one like theirs !!

Just having a dick like them won’t make those chicks fuck you. Unless you’re a porn actor of course.

A week ago I saw a pornscene where this guy had a damn discoloration, the same as I have.

20 years ago it was different, but times have changed, now you see a lot of guys with those discolorations. Even if they don’t try to enlarge their unit, they are doing several exercises to keep their strength.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Also seems likely that some of them have had penis enlargement surgery, given that one of the after-effects is inability to get a full erection and you often see porn stars at ‘half-mast’ in their performances.

I think alot of it has to do with camera angle. Plus I know full well some of them have to be fake.

For me is there is no doubt!
Facts I have noted about porstars:

Julian: White guy with tons of tattoos. He looks much smaller on his early movies. Try to watch “Sexy Nurses #3”
Peter North: He is much bigger now.
Mandingo: if you download “MR Mandingo Lord 6.wmv” from kazzaa or from eMule you will see him much smaller.
Lex: He said on a interview that he grew 3.5” inches after school, and he said also that PE doesn´t work.


1/1/03 => 6x5

now => 7.75x6(6.5 at base)

Goal => 8+x6.5(7 at base)

It’s their profession. It pays to keep themselves in maximum condition.

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