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How do I start?

How do I start?

I was thinking about this but I do not know how long I should do this and when and what I should add.

I was thinking about buying a guide, but I assume most of what is in the guide is probably listed on this site somewhere.

Mini Guide Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week4 Week5

Warm Up - 5 minutes Hot towel
Kegels - 5 minutes approx.
Dry Jelqing - 5 minutes approx. 2 sec OK pull base/mid 25/25 EOD 140Med/Full /40mid 150/100 300/300EOD
Make each stroke last about three or four seconds
Wet Jelqing - 5 minutes approx. 3-4 sec 200med EOD 200-300 med eod 300-400 Med EOD 400-500FullEOD 500Full EOD
Make each stroke last about three or four seconds

check out the faq section on the main page and the newbie routine in this section. some searching for the topics you wanna know about would be of benefit to i think.

I did look around for a while and it seems like I;m going in circlkes reading the same stuff over and over again. I;m trying to understand how to make a beginners routine and how long I should do it before I move on to harder things.

Do I have to buy a guide?


No dude you don`t have to buy a guide!
warm up for 5min
stretches for 10 min, stretch your penis infront of you for 2second and make another set to stretch it for 10 second.
use a little baby oil and do 200 jelq
warm up for 5min

this routine to start with, you will add some other exercises later, take 2 days off a week.

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