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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

Your welcome.

I found this site after talking to someone on the men’s forum thru Penis-Health, a site that has not impressed me.

I will say that I am high on this site, more feedback and good advice than anyone could ever ask for.


I found this site from the forums on They have a sex help section and someone posted all the PE sites and this one seemed to be the best.

I think that was the last time I was on that forum, because once I discovered Thunders, I had more of an interest in having a bigger manhood over becoming a bigger man.

I found the site through a google search for “penis enlargement” or something to that extent and I must say I’m so glad I found this place!

I’d be very surprised if you found it with “penis enlargement” I don’t think we are even in that search and if we are it’s probably 100 pages past where any normal person would look.

Welcome to the forum I hope you find what you want and it works well for you.

Do Women's Answers Count?

This site was recommended to me by a Male Friend who said this place Rocks. He said they needed more Women on here, so I joined up. Kudos to all Moderators.

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My mother told me!

Actually, it was a Yahoo! search. My mother doesn’t know how to use Yahoo!

By searching on for Horse 440.

I got sick of all the pay PE sites, and decided to search the internet to find some decent material, no matter what it takes. After about 2 hours ,I found here from another link :)

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Google =D, I think I was mocking a friend when I came across it. Later that night I snuck back on, and everything else is history

Starting Stats: BPEL- 5 2/8" BG- 4 4/8" MSG - 4 4/8" - Jan 2006

Goals: Till Mrs. K, can't take no more. :rear:

I actually heard about PE from a friend but he didn’t tell me what website he used. So I got on yahoo one night and started looking around for sites that could help me. All I could find were sites where I had to pay so I was fixing to give up until I found this one, and I’m glad I did.

Googled it.

I think I found it when I was a member @, and Big Al said something about it.

Horny Bastard

I was going to start a new thread asking this exact question. I’m glad I decided to use the search button. That would have been embarassing. So let me just copy and paste what I’ve already written.

I’ve been reading a few posts where guys mention how they came across Thunder’s Place and what their motivation was for looking in the first place. A lot of guys were motivated by their insecurities and were actively seeking a solution. I was wondering how most guys found TP or PE in general and what was your motivation.

I found PE and Thunder’s quite by accident. I wasn’t looking for a PE site and generally thought it was all a big load. I had heard of the pump from that Austin Powers movie and others and I did hear at some point that some guys hung weights from their dicks but never gave it any further thought and generally dismissed it. I wasn’t motivated by any serious insecurities about my size; in my mind I was a bit below average but still managed to please all of the women I was with.

Then a couple of years ago a buddy of mine tells me his girlfriend wants to be with two guys at the same time and would I be interested. So I went along with it and noticed that he was almost an inch longer than me but his dick was nowhere near as thick which was a consolation. At this point I had heard that 6 inches (NBP) was the average length and I was about a 1/4 inch short of that. I had no idea what the average girth was. Well seeing that my buddy was longer than me stung a bit, but I was more pissed off that his girlfriend wouldn’t let me fuck her or cum in her mouth. All in all a disappointing experience for me, but again I thought there was nothing I could do about my size and didn’t really dwell on it.

When I finally came across PE was when I was waiting for a TV show I like to hit the BitTorrent sites. I kept refreshing the recently listed files and decided to check out the most downloaded files just for fun while I waited. One of the files was a PDF of PE exercises and mentioned Tom Hubbard. So I googled the name and came across Thunder’s as one of the links.

Before I ever did a single exercise, I read a lot and was reassured that I was in fact right in the average range as far as length goes but I was floored to find out that at 5.5 inches EG I was above average in girth. I started some manual exercises for a few months and got .75” of newbie gains. I wouldn’t have thought the .75” would make a difference in my experiences with women but I actually went from having generally satisfied women to having women actually comment on my size in a positive way. I don’t know how much of that change was due to the gains and how much was due to the more veiny look and the harder erections that PE generally produces.

Anyway, to sum up, I stopped PE and lost about .25” and my erections don’t seem as hard and I don’t last half as long as I used to so I’m back at Thunder’s and will keep going and hopefully hit the 8x6 goal shared by so many of us.


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