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Hot wrap?


This is interesting, I thought hot wrapping after any type of PE was agreed on as beneficial.

Could it actually be detrimental? If icing is not an option, would no action better than a hot wrap?

>Could it actually be detrimental?

Possibly. Consider hanging. If you heat during the sets and then allow your dick to air cool on the last set, the ligs should “set” better than if you heat afterward without any tension applied.

Why should tunica expansion be any different?

To restore or aid circulation, how about massage? That’s what I do.

>Why should tunica expansion be any different?
I don’t think it’s any different. Massage seems like a much better option (if icing is not available).

Should we gather a consensus and think about changing the Newbie Routine and other reference material?

If you want a concensus on that I’d better shutup.

I couldn’t agree less.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

>I couldn’t agree less.

What “it” were you referring to here?

I found it reduced fluid post jelqing, producing a more solid expanded state post workout that lasted longer.

I thought “it” was ice and that you were agreeing with what Hobby was saying.

Nope I was still talking about hot wraps.

Clarity has never been a strong point, on my part.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Alright, cool. I think we should hold off on the consensus. I want to experiment with hot and cold wraps (and no wraps) before I buy into one theory or the other. That way I can make a decision based on my own experience.


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