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Hot wrap question

Hot wrap question

Hey all

Week 2 of the newbie routine, I do it just after showers as I liked the convenience of hot water + privacy. I’m not the only one in the house you see.

But after every hotwrap AFTER the workout, the guy has shrunk back down and lost the post-session engorge. I’m not sure if this matters, but it kinda dashes the hopes a little bit. I’m wondering if maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

Is it okay to have the actual water on it, or is it bad? Cause when I get a wrap nice and hot—it only feels hot for under a minute and then I re-heat it, so I’ve just been having the shower spew hot water all over as I trap it there with a cloth.

I don’t really do the kegels afterwards either, partly cause I don’t think about it, partly cause I’m tired, and I don’t really wanna be thinking/doing PE 24/7.I thought maybe that has something to do with it, even though the routine states to do them after the concluding hotwrap.

Hope you’re all gaining well.

It’s quite common for the penis to shrink after PE And for some guys after training at the gym etc. But it usually recovers after a while.

Or, It may be uyou are using the water at too high a temperature. ret a little less warmth and see if that helps.

Although what you experience is nothing to worry about.

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Hey Xerxes, what you describe is very normal. You could try for a warmdown alternating hot and cold water for 10 - 15 second intervals, I find that it helps with the post workout flaccid.

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Yeah, just backing up what these guys have said, it is common to have a bit of shrinkage after the wrap. what i tend to do is try and keep an erection or semi-erection while doing the hot wrap, i guess its good because your getting new blood into the unit, and it looks plumper.

Xerxes, also have a look in the “Should I cool down” thread in the main members forum for a bit more food for thought, on warm down/cooldown, may help.


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