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horse squeeze


I’m not saying he definately should or should not do them. I’m saying he should at least TRY with a low intensity just to get a feel. Sorry if I started to argue a bit, I’m used to the religious threads :spin:

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Originally Posted by goingfor8at
Thats like saying we can only kegel for the first 3 months until we can handle a jelq. How did you first do jelqs, nice a slow right? me too. Thats how you learn a new exercise and your limits for it. If you really want to TRY it, just once to feel what its like, I say go for it (very very lightly :spin: ). I first did Horse440s 1 1/2-2 months in, and it was great. As long as you watch whats happening, your fine.

edit: and how do we know if hes a newbie or not? You’re just assuming because he posted in the newbie forum about an exercise he doesn’t know about that he hasn’t PE’d much.

How long have you been PE’ing?

I have been PEing for 6 weeks, and I have been masturbating before since I was 7 y/o but I cut it off totally to enhance erection during jelqing.. I consider myself a NB even though I haven’t experience any form of injury since my first week of jelqing. To be sure I’ll follow thier advice not to do the horse squeeze and wait til 3 months have passed, besides I really don’t know how to do this exercise because there no video for it here, hehe..

I’ve jelqed for almost a year. I clamped for about a month or two. (Loved it, but my schedule got screwed up!) Nothing adverse, whatsoever.

I haven’t been able to do Horse 440’s without a serious case of red dots all over my cock! DEFINATELY: do the newbie for 3 months, and then ease into 440’s. I”m convinced they are hardcore PE excercises.

I’ve been PEing for 5 months with good gains. I won’t do the Horse440’s due to the injury risk. There is a limit that we each place on our own activity. I would suggest seeing just how much you can gain with the newbie routine before trying to do such strenuous activities as the horse squeezes.

I have been doing horse squeeze since I was 18 (now I am 29), and I gained both length and girth apparently. As long as you are not extreme, it is OK. Newbies are not recommended doing horse squeeze.


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