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Home Depot; Your Source for PE Equipment Hanging

Home Depot; Your Source for PE Equipment - Hanging

I’ve been PEing for a while; mostly Jelqing. Recently, I’ve become interested in hanging (to get out another 1/2” and join the 2” club), and clamping (for a little more girth).

A couple weeks ago I was at Home Depot and ran across a clamp that might be ok for beginning clamping, a Bessey 2 inch Deep reach Ratcheting Spring Clamp (there is a is a picture on this site Bought one and have tried it out at 7.5# for 10 minutes Seemed ok if you wrap carefully, but I wouldn’t want to hang over, say, 10# with it. Clamp grabs vertically like this: |( P)|. My question is whether, presuming you wrap well (although I used just tee-shirt material for a quick test), and you don’t go too heavy, this clamping orientation (as opposed to /(P)\ ) is ok? The clamp was about $5. Thoughts?



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You might do better with this one.

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I’m sure that one is better; but it is also $83.00 and this one is $5.00! If I jump up in weight, it’s probably worth the investment to buy that one or a bib, but I’m just playing around right now with hanging low weights. Seems like the orientation is similar; sides being parallel, as opposed to sloped in at the top. Also, the one I actually bought is a little bigger than the picture. Here is the actual picture…CRU3&lpage=none. It was $4.97 where I am.

- Asdfasdf1

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Big difference is the gripping head- it clamps on in a big peepee hug.

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Why not just build a Wench? Do a search for “Wenchette.” It’s my favorite home-made hanger, and you can make it yourself for only a few bucks. It will work much better than the clamp from Home Depot.

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