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Holy Toledo batman, is THIS what a wrap does!!!???


Wantsmore, I will differ from many of those on this thread and say that I think your idea has true merit, especially if you are as carefuly as you seem to be.

I have tried an ACE bandage wrap a few times over-night to find a morning flaccid that looked very similar to a post PE session flaccid. I too, am very careful not to wrap so tight as to restrict urination. If it is true that our bodies do much of their healing (cell division and maintenance) at night, then it is only logical that you would want to provide some tension to your flaccid during this period. I want my penis to heal at a near-erect length.

Do you only wrap the shaft, or do you place your wrap at the base of the penis and testicles? I have tried both and I think I prefer wrapping the penis and the testicles together. Never too tight, but tight enough to keep the penis from turtling and give the sac a stretch at the same time. To each his own.

I should note that due to a back injury about 10 years ago, I can only sleep on my back. For those that wish to wrap and sleep in some other position, I would offer this caution. You are far more likely to put your wrapped unit in a compromising position sleeping on your side or your stomach. In fact, a lot of movement of any kind could be a bad thing when you are not awake to monitor the blood flow.

Holy Toledo, or Holy TORPEDO?

"Debate the idea..."

So how is this going for you wantsmore? Are you still doing this each night?

I am still considering it. Is this method still helping with the repairing of the post PE dick, and are you still receiving those benefits of the bigger flaccid?



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