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Holy crap, I'm gaining

Holy crap, I'm gaining

I started PE a few months ago, in September. I used a basic newbie routine for 2 or 3 weeks maybe, and gained 1/16 of an inch in girth. I started out at 4.75” MSEG. Then my PE became mostly trial and error, constantly changing routines, and massive inconsistencies. During this time I gained nothing. Then about three and a half weeks ago, I started to get consistent about PE. My routine became only high erection jelqing, at about 80% erection. I use a decently light grip. Yesterday, I measured after masturbating, at 5” erect girth! Not only that, it looks bigger too! I’m slightly above 7” bone pressed, I’m going only for girth, I don’t do any stretching, but any length gains from jelqing are welcome.

I don’t recommend this routine for people just starting out, but then again I’m no veteran and have experienced greatly positive PIs!

One day, I do a combination of edging, high erection jelqs, and maybe 4-5 quick ulis for about 25-30 minutes. Then I masturbate until I either orgasm, or masturbate until an hour total including the jelqs and then ejaculate. The way I jelq is with a grip that only applies pressure to the top and underside of my penis. Four fingers on the bottom, thumb on the top. I start below my scrotum, as far into my “inner” penis as possible, where I imagine the bulb is. I’m targeting my CS, since it was hardly visible before I started PE. I have a pretty wide penis, which is 1.75” at the circumcision scar.

Next day, I do erect kegels in the morning. I try to do around 50, 5 seconds each. The day after I do the same thing mentioned above.

Congratulations - glad you are happy.

It is a fantastic feeling when you realize that natural penis enlargement isn’t fake :)

Keep up the good work. If you are gaining, then don’t change your routine. Adventurous behaviour = potential injury.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

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