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Hi new here.heres my story

Hi new here.heres my story

Hi everyone.

Congrats on an excellent site, there is a lot of info here.keep-up the good work.

I am new to this forum, but not new to PE. I have been PEing on and off for the last two years. At first I thought it wouldn’t work, but then I was very surprised when I started to notice gains. Of course this meant that I started to work a lot harder at PE. I started with a 5.5” BPEL 4.75” girth. I now have a 7.5”BPEL 5.25” girth cock. (Although I still need to cement the lenght gains).

However, I find that I always get turtle neck after a Jelq session. I have tried varying the intensity and duration of the sessions, but no matter what I do I still get turtle neck for about half an hour, after this my cock fills up and hangs lower. Is this normal, as I have read that most guys get a huge hang after jelq sessions.

Anyway, I guess I can’t complain, seeing as I am still making gains.

Cheers 7of9!

Don’t worry about the turtle neck. Your excellent results prove that you’re not doing anything wrong. I’m sure if you were overdoing it you would have detected such by now, especially with your experimentation.

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Hey, congrats on the gains my friend!

I am a newbie to PE, but I experience turtle dick after Jelq sessions as well. It usually goes away and my regular flaccid hang returns within an hour. Not sure if it’s normal but it happens to me as well so your not alone :D

Good luck!

Cheers guys.

And here I was thinking that I was about the only one with this. :)

(Specialy after reading the post were most guys say they have a massive hang for hours after jelqing)

Simonz350, you are new to PE eh? Trust me this stuff works, just put in the hard work and start of lightly, and you will soon see results.

Is turtle dick when the penis shrivels up or expands like a ‘turtle neck?’

If your penis is considerably more full and meaty, and that it is thicker on the ligs when hanging. Then you’ve done a good’s day jelq. I measure a good day jelq by the sensation of the lig which is naturally swollen.

Can someone answer this? What is turtle dick? (Someone out there reading this must know!)


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

They mean shriveling — you know, the ol’ penile inversion…

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Thanks! Sorry to be so impatient. (I was waiting for 2 hours for the answer… now I can go to bed all the wiser. Seriously.)


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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