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Hi, I'm LDWes


Got. I was believing you were saying the adverse - that ejaculating caused cystis.

Maybe the sperm that remain inside your body cause some kind of inflammation, after some time. I agree, ejaculating is good for your penis (and urinary traits) health.

Oh sorry for the confusion.

I think that’s the case, I realized I only got cystitis after edging and then I found that website and it does fit in.

So, moral of the story, let the tadpoles out when you’re finished?

I think it’s better.

I would, you could wait a few hours but I wouldn’t leave it and then start another edging session later that night or the next day as that’s when I got an infection, it didn’t stop there either, after 8weeks of burning and finding it hard to pass urine (after every edging session, I didn’t know it was causing it) I then developed Epididymitis.

A quick look at the diagram below; shows how the urine can be forced into the Vas deferens tubes and then enters the testicles. In most cases this amount is small. In other cases, the amount is more significant. Either way, if the urine has any bacteria associated with it, you have just formed the perfect breeding ground for infection.

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