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Hi guys! I have a question about circumcision


Hi guys! I have a question about circumcision

Hi guyes I have planned to get circumsized this month and I have some questions ? Which method to use ? The standart one with the scalpel ? Or the new one with laser ? Which one is better can someone tell me the good and bad things of both methods ?

As someone who was cut at birth, and is actively working to restore my foreskin, I’d question whay you want to get circumcised. Do you have health issues that would be benefitted from this procedure? I know this wasn’t your question, but I’m curious. What does your urologist recommend? Have you consulted more than one doctor?

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I was circumcised as an adult due to tight foreskin and have been left with scars and stitch marks, which cause me to be very insecure. Why do you want or need the circumcision?

I guess I had the standard scalpel method, i don’t no much about the laser method.

You’re going to find a lot of people (myself included) trying to talk you out of this procedure. Would you be willing to explain why you wish to go through with it?

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Guys, its a personal decision. If he wants to give an explanation that’s cool, but he doesn’t owe it to anyone. I think he’s in a fortunate position. An uncut guy can get cut if that’s what he wants, when its a cut guy who wants to be uncut, that’s not so simple.

Jacky11, sorry, I don’t know anything about how they do it. Talk to a urologist or two. I know guys who have done it as adults. Be ready to take some time off work.

northmiamitop, the reason(s) why he wants to get it done could result in suggestions and points of discussion with his doctor on the style of circumcision he gets.

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I would base any decisions on the skill and experience of the surgeon rather than the method he uses.

If you’re torn between two you can always go to both for a consultation and make a more informed decision that way.

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Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Generally speaking, when you’re getting a medical procedure done, you want to use someone who does a LOT of them. Experience counts.

Also, I would want to have a discussion with the doctor about the style of circumcision - how much skin they’re planning on removing, whether they plan on leaving (more sensitive) inner skin versus outer skin, and what they plan on doing about the frenulum.

And if I didn’t get the answers I wanted, or if the doctor was going to tell me what kind of circumcision I was going to get, rather than asking me what kind of circumcision I wanted for my desired outcome, I would find another doctor if possible.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

God put it there for a reason. That reason could have to do with those millions of nerve-rich, sensitive cells you are about to remove :) .

Well guyes I don’t have any health problems I just want to get cut becouse the penis looks better when it’s cut and also I have many friends real life friends who told me that the sex becomes better much better than before ? If I get cut how many days after I get cut I will be able to walk like normal ?

Well, once again, I’d recommend talking to your urologist about your concerns and questions about recovery time. Aesthetics is a personal choice, but you may want to consider compromising. A cock that doesn’t look exactly like you’d like / greater sensitivity. Regarding better sex, I can’t really say, except that in my case, since I’ve begun FR (foreskin restoration), my glans is MUCH more sensitive. For me, that means better sex. Please consider carefully, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Good luck.

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I’m also a guy that was cut at birth and spent the better part of my life rather clueless about it. I have also been trying to restore my foreskin and it’s a long hard road. It’s your dick and certainly your choice but I would say at least take some time to look at the pros and cons before making your final decision. The cut look is really the only benefit you will gain and in the process will lose way more. Good luck with your choice, wish I had it to make.

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I will think about it and I will talk with my surgeon and then I will decide what to do , for the moment I am just curious is it true that when I get cut my head girth will become more ? Also one friend told me that when I get cut my overall erect girth will become more ?

That’s something only a person cut as an adult can tell you. I just hope your friends are truly trustworthy. Most of us are here to enlarge our penises and it’s hard to understand that someone would want to cut part of theirs off.


I recommend doing more online research.

You can start at the following sites:
www (dot) sexasnatureintendedit (dot) com
infocirc (dot) org
circumstitions (dot) com

Generally, If there is no serious medical reason to cut part of your dick off, I don’t think it is advisable to cut it off.

It sounds like you are interested in making your dick bigger. Cutting part of it off will not help make it bigger. Cutting part of something off normally makes it smaller.

In the end ( of your dick skin) your an adult and it is your body and your decision.

Take care and good luck,

4Foreskin ;)

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