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Hi guys! I have a question about circumcision


4foreskin recomended some great sites you definatley want to check out b4 you make your decision, if your friends say they have more sensitivity now they are lying. I was circ’d as a child because of UTI’s and I wish it had never happened, of course it is your decision, but there is no going back on this one.

Originally Posted by jacky11
Well guyes I don’t have any health problems I just want to get cut becouse the penis looks better when it’s cut and also I have many friends real life friends who told me that the sex becomes better much better than before ? If I get cut how many days after I get cut I will be able to walk like normal ?

Originally Posted by jacky11
I will think about it and I will talk with my surgeon and then I will decide what to do , for the moment I am just curious is it true that when I get cut my head girth will become more ? Also one friend told me that when I get cut my overall erect girth will become more ?

If you want to get cut because you think you’ll like the look better, no one can argue with that. That’s your call.

But your friends who tell you that sex is better after - are they speaking from experience of having had a foreskin and having been circumcised as an adult? If they got the more common circumcision as an infant, they really have no firsthand basis of comparison, or any valid personal experience on which to offer that judgment. All they know is that they are cut, they have sex and they like it.

I wouldn’t count on girth increase as a result of circumcision, either glans or shaft.

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