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I’m new here, hope y’all can help me with any questions i might find :P

Currently 7 x 5 , almost 19

Hopefully 8 long and as thick as possible !

Any usefull tips for girth gains ?, i don’t particually want to use hanging weights or the like.

Thanks again !!!

If your main focus is girth. Start out with the basic jelq beginners routine… you sould see gains in the next few weeks. Then after several months- consider Ulis or Horse440s.

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Hi fear,

Welcome to the board! You’ve got a nice starting size. Try starting out with the Newbie Routine first, so you can get your dick conditioned. Increase your jelqing time over a period of a few months, and like Wt282 said, once you’re conditioned enough, then you’ll be able to slowly work your way into the more advanced girth-related exercises. Good luck!


thanks for all your help.

ATM = 7 6/8 x 51/8 Next Goal = 8.0 x 5.5 Current Routine = Length Only (stretching)


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