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Hey guys newbie here

Hey guys newbie here

Just joined this site a week or so ago, so I have been doing the newbie exercise [part of it] for errr a week or Started off just doing the stretches in the first week but now I have started the jelqs I don’t know if I am seeing things but I swear it’s longer, just from the stretching, it looks the same when hard but looks longer when flaccid. Question.. Does it firstly grow longer in the flaccid state then later in the hard state.? Why is this.? Whats the best way to measure it correctly.? I need to get the ruler out to track this up coming in advance for the great advice .

Hey dude, do us all a favor, find the space bar and use it. That was freakin hard to read. And we do have mods around here who like to chew up and spit out people who don’t use proper, or a close semblance thereof, grammar.

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Welcome davey.

Many have flaccid gains before erect gains, so it should be a good sign. But likely you’ll see really measurable gains after some month of work.

Good luck :) .

Could I ask how old are you?

Welcome, daveylad! A week is nothing; keep going for another 3 weeks and *then* measure. If you set yourself an expectation that you won’t see anything for at *least* another month, then you’ll probably work harder toward your PEing goals!

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