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Newbie post; or I want to gain while keepingthings in perspective

Newbie post; or I want to gain while keepingthings in perspective


I’m new to the PE world. I did try jelqing about a year ago or so, but my forearm strength was so poor that I gave it up. I believe I had minor tendinitis or something…

Anyway, I got a Power Jelq last week and have been doing the exercises. I haven’t seen any gains yet (as expected in such a short amount of time), but it does seem a slight bit wider now..

But I really have one main point to make:

I think it is very important for guys to keep this all in perspective. I think most do, but lots of guys get obsessed with the size of their dick. It’s kind of like a girl with big tits. Sure, they’re great at first, but if she’s got nothing else to offer, the size of her tits isn’t going to matter. Hell, and for guys like me, big tits isn’t much of a bonus anyway (I’m an ass man :) ).

A little history:

I have always been embarrassed by the size of my penis. I somehow got used to it in the locker room in high school basketball, but I’ve avoided showing it to anyone for any reason unless it’s a girl I’m getting intimate with. And then it’s like “crap, here goes nothing….” as I anticipate some sort of “is that all?” remark. Well, that only happened once, and it wasn’t with a girl I gave a crap about, and it was in a strange situation with three girls in the room and three guys, where my penis was actually so limp I’d call it “turtle dick mode”… and basically the girl I was making out with (still mostly clothed) was sitting on my lap when her friend came over and wanted to “see it” and reached in my jeans where the girl on my lap had been basically sitting on my dick.. Long story short, it was humiliating.. it was like stage fright…. and then the jokes rolled on for a few hours and my friends (the guys in the room) still give me shit about it from time to time. I decided it was time to jelq… and that’s when I started the routine I metioned at the beginning of this (long) post. That was a year and a half ago.

That was the “sad” story. However, keeping things in perspective, my main point here, I must share about my last girlfriend. She was quite hot, smart, nice, etc. She was great. We broke up for definitely non-sexual reasons that I won’t go into, but the bottom line is that she loved my dick. She couldn’t get enough of it (uh… that doesn’t sound right!). She wasn’t super-petite.. probably 5’8” 135 lbs. But she had a relatively low cervix, so she actually didn’t like big penises. At first I thought she was bullshitting me, but after I had dated her for a long time and grew to really trust her, I definitely believe her. Get this: I was the only guy out of over 20 to EVER give her an orgasm during intercourse or oral sex (I managed both multiple times, but she was definitely difficult). EVER. I knew exactly how to “use it” with her. I could do more with my index finger than any other guy she had ever been with could do with his dick. I knew how to get her G spot with my dick perfectly…. it’s actually a bit of an advantage not being large and in charge when it comes to hitting the spot. She wanted to have sex with me way more than I was capable of providing it. With her larger ex’s, she had sex much less frequently due to the uncomfortable size.

I also had another girlfriend who was totally in love with me and wanted sex with me so often I could hardly keep up (and I was 21!… I’m 24 now btw). Sure, with her, a larger dick would have been beneficial. I sorta tricked her into saying it once or twice. It was really pathetic of me. Girls definitely don’t want to hear how insecure you are about your penis size. Not exactly a turnon there..

I’ve met and dated other girls who basically said they didn’t want any guy over 6” or so. They really liked a normal dick.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Don’t get me wrong…. I am here because I want to make my dick bigger. But from reading some of the posts in here, there seems to be a slight air of obssession with some guys. The bottom line truth is:

1. Girls like penises
2. Girls like penises that are at least average size
3. Girls in general, with some exceptions, don’t like HUGE penises. The girl I’m dating now, who I haven’t yet had sex with, told me there is no way she would have sex with a guy with a 9 incher, and possibly not an 8 incher. She says 6-7 is perfect (and she believes that 5 1/4 is average). And she’s frickin’ hot and not exactly tiny (she’s tall and skinny).
4. Your confidence is more important than your penis size
5. Your sense of humor is more important than your penis size
6. Your wit is more important than your penis size
7. Your character is more important than your penis size
8. Your morals are more important than your penis size
9. Even your overall looks are more important than your penis size
10. Hell, I’d wager that your money is more important than your penis size, depending on the type of girl you are looking for.

My starting stats (in inches):

FNBPL: 3-3.5 (it can get pretty damn short if it’s cold or say, after a workout, which is not exactly the best timing)
ENBPL: 5.4
E mid-shaft circumference: 5
E head diameter: 1 5/8


FL: 4
EBPL: 6 3/4
E mid-shaft circ: 6
E head diamter: 2

Welcome to the board Rocky5! Nice first post. :up:

Growing a bigger dick is for us, really. I think that if a girl really cares about you, she won’t even touch the subject of dick size around you with a 20-foot pole. Maybe that’s not the right analogy, but you know what I mean. Especially if you can make her feel wonderful in and outside of the bedroom. This means more than size anyday.

Remember that this PE stuff takes time. Be patient, and I’m sure you’ll meet your goals. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Oh, and since you’re an ass man, you might like this thread. Enjoy!


yeah.. maybe not around us with a 20 foot pole, but maybe around their female friends. :)

It’s most definitely true that size matters. That’s not the question. It’s a question of how much does it matter..

I’ll post my progress.


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