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A few questions re turtling

A few questions re turtling


I have been PE’ing for about 4 months, the last month being more intense, and I have noticed a gain of 1/4” in erect length.

Initially I was just jelqing and I noticed that I had made some great flaccid gains but no erect gains. However I am now jelqing and using an ADS and have noticed the length gain but my flaccid seeme to have returned to what it was before I started PE’ing.

I do a lot of earlier morning cycling and obviousley in the cold climate my dick turtles a fair bit. I know people say that this is very bad for gains, but is there any way to avoid the shrinkage in the cold weather and does that type of shrinkage affect PE?

Thanks for any advise :)

If you stick to your routine, and you have had a good PE workout, the benefits of that time spent are yours no matter if you turtle up in the cold or whatever. Flaccid gain is a funky subject. Some get it initially, some don’t. I was a flaccidly retarded myself. Great erect gains, zip on flaccid.

You can consider wrapping your cock and balls with an ACE or TheraP band after your workout. This will help you retain some engorgement so that your microtears from the PE workout heal in a larger rather than smaller state. I doubt you will find the wrap very comfy when you go cycling, but you can try that. Whatever, don’t let turtling discourage you. It means nothing as to erect gain.



A Urologist's View on Turtling

I have responded to your question on another thread: See responce here:

A Urologist’s View of Turtling

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