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Help with MMO

Help with MMO

So I have been working on learning to have a DO. I spend 45 min a day doing kegels and reverse kegels on the train. I just held a kegel for 3:30. I think over 3 min is a long time but I’m still not strong enough to kegel hold an orgasm. I start the kegel when I feel the orgasm about to start and I can hold back ejaculating for a few seconds and then it just explodes. It just feels too strong to hold with a kegel. Anybody have any suggestions for improving kegel strength. Obviously I have good endurance but still not quite strong enough to hold back ejaculation.

Starting Size

March 2015 BPEL 7" NBPEL 6.0" EG 5"

Sept 2014 BPEL 7.5" NBPEL 6.5" EG 5.25"


I have similar experience. I also have been training my PC-muscle extensivly and can allmost hold the sperm in at orgasm. I do my Kegels sitting in a chair ( at work ). I have discovered though that laying down is a whole other ballgame doing kegels. I have lately started to do the kegels when I wake up ( often with morning-wood ). I have to my surprise not been able to do the same strength and timewise results laying down.

So my PE-newbie advice would be to start doing the kegels in different positions. Do them laying down. Do them standing on your knees. Do them laying on your stomach. I will start to practise this myself and will report later how things develop.

/ Regards Soulmedeep

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