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Help with kegels

Help with kegels

Hi all hope all is going well with your MEMBER growth so listen what is the correct way to do a kegel 1 second holds or more and how many kegels per day last year my cock was rock solid now its not so I imagine its because of PE and I dnt do enought kegels thanks

Are you missing your “.”-button? ;)

I am doing roughly five second kegels at the moment but when I first started doing them I could only hold them for less than a second. The muscles grow stronger as you work them.

My kegel routine is just doing them on my non rest days whenever I can remember.

One more strict routine could be:

30 1 sec kegels
15 2 sec kegels
10 3 sec kegels
5 6 sec kegels
3 10 sec kegels
2 15 sec kegels
1 30 sec kegels

And increase that over time.

Another kegel tip is really trying to only focus on the muscles involved in the kegel. I.e. Relax face, stomach, ass, thighs etc as you do it and just work those pee-stopping muscles between your legs. It takes some practice - but a proper kegel is better than a poor one!

Happy kegeling!

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Kegels have something to do with erection hardness ?

Are you supposed to feel the kegel in your butt?

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No, BC kegels should not be felt in the butt.

King Snake

Yes, simple answer, they do improve EQ.


Kegeling is an art and requires quite a little time and dedication until you can do it correctly. I am myself not yet mastering all my pelvic muscles, but not willing to give up so I train and train and train.

I recommend focusing on the BC muscle as first step. It is easy to locate: try to stop in the middle of urinating. The muscle you use to do so is the BC muscle.

I have a daily schedule of BC exercises:

5 mins of short contractions, 10 secs hold, 5 seconds release.
5 minutes of quick, 1 second contractions.
5 minutes of long contractions, 50 seconds hold, 10 seconds release.

I think you should start with the short and quick ones and after 2-4 weeks you can add in the long ones. Try to do Kegels in a disturbance-free zone, because it is easy if you can relax and concentrate on what you are doing.

I like to do them during my frequent train rides. Earphones, soft music and always with an eye on my wristwatch. And try to breathe regularly and without effort while kegeling.

And yes, as EQ will improve quite fast it can be a little addicting :-)

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I seem to have always know about my BC muscle, even if I had no idea what it was, its purpose, or its effect on my penis. Urinating and stopping is one way to locate. Also, if you have an erection and can make your dick dance, nod, jump up and down.. Whatever you want to call it, you are also flexing your BC muscle. I can also locate it easily by just closing my eyes and pretending that I am ejaculating by rapidly contracting and releasing the muscle. I don’t know, just my 2 cents

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