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Help with clamping

Help with clamping

Hello fellow pe brothers! I had a question on clamping. I have been at it for about two months and had done the newbie routine for 6 months before I started clamping. My question was how tight am I supposed to be clamping this thing down? I’m just under 6in. Eg when clamped off and can only get it like 2 clicks in, sometimes 3 but I can feel uncomfortable pressure on my dorsal nerve when it’s that tight. Are there any of you out there with this same problem? Do I need to clamp tighter for gains? I’ve searched quite a bit for an answer and haven’t found one :(
Any help would be much appreciated.
Sorry if this has been asked before, hope I don’t get yelled at. Haha

Love, peace and chicken grease.

Try one more click! Its hard to get four clicks with around that girth, but I do.

Originally Posted by djrobins

Try one more click! Its hard to get four clicks with around that girth, but I do.

Agreed. And are you making sure that the hinge side of the clamp in on the bottom? That should help to avoid excess pressure on the dorsal nerves.

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Thank you guys for your reply! Ill give it a try. I do make sure to keep the hinge on the bottom. I have a high erection angle so I only feel pressure on my dorsal nerve when I press my erection down while fully clamped off.

I have one more question, if I clamp 4 clicks in should I drop the time I’m clamping? At two clicks I get good engorgment and I can go for like fifteen minutes.

It also depends on what you are using to wrap. I’m over 6 clamped, I use the blue clamp with a 1/8th inch think strip of yoga mat. I get down 5 clamps. Make sure you are clamping slowly as well. I find that if I go too tight 2 quickly I get real veiny but not much girth. If I take my time, I get a much bulkier look. Anyway, thats my take.

Ok cool thank you for your input, what kind of gains have you seen from that tight of clamping? And how long exactly does it take for you to ease into 5 clicks? Srry for all the questions I just have not seen these answered anywhere els.

Thank you again for all your help.

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