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Help Question

Help Question

So I’ve been PE for almost a week now and its very noticeable how my penis is growing more towards the base than the glans, kind of opposite of the baseball bat effect.

Erection Level

The level of erection is important. If you Jelq with too low an erection level or allow your erection to subside for too long before correction, the pressure during the progression of each stroke will vary greatly. The start of the stroke will be low pressure and the end of the stroke will be a much higher pressure. This will encourage more girth development toward the glans and eventually result in a baseball bat shape developing.

So I take it I don’t follow through enough with my Jelqs? ( I try to spot just before the glans, to avoid jelqing the glans)
Correct me if I’m wrong
Could I also help it with stretching exercises? Maybe try and stretch more the part closer to the glans (this would be hard cause I would have to grip just under the glans.. Though most guides say one inch below)

And also, I’ve been noticing more growth on one side of the penis (right side), is this also due to different pressure throughout my stokes? How can I help it?
Should I stretch more to my right so the left side of my penis is stretched more?
And regarding the Grip of Jelqs, if we take an Right Hand OK grip for example, the more pressure I exert with my index finger the more left side will stretch? So to correct my deviation I would have to exert more pressure on the left side of my penis when Jelqing?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanx for the help!

I’m still new and not an authority but I would think the base is expanding to compensate for the new stresses that are being applied to it, not because of jelq pressure. The difference between the growth of the sides does sound like it could be the result of uneven jelq pressure, if your CCs aren’t receiving equal pressure then it could presumably cause that. Again, I’m no expert but those are my thoughts.

None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you.. YOU'RE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!


If you can manage to jelq with your index and thumb on the sides in a pinching-like manner you’ll get more even pressure. Im circumsized and i dry jelq , that grip works for me.

Mirthandir I was thinking the same! Thanx for the input!

Abeginner, yes I’ve tried dry jelqing, ill stick to it for a while and see how it works.

Wet jelq felt amazing but it was messy and really troublesome haha.

Thx guys!

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