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Help please

Help please

I’ve just started to make some exercise .. See my length is 6 inches and my weigh is 5,5 inches .. I think my weigh is good but I want more length .. I want 1/2 inches more length .. What do you think guys? I make PS squeeze ,warmup ,jelq, stretching ,warmup .. What would you prefer to make to reach this length and don’t lose from my weigh ? please help me

I think everyone should begin with a simple routine of stretching and jelqing. Follow the newbie routine or something similar for a few months.

You won’t lose girth (what you are referring to as “weigh”) from this. I don’t know what you mean by “PS squeeze,” but you should avoid advanced exercises for now.

Use the newbie routine.

I think by “PS squeeze” he’s talking about kegels ??

Yea PS squeeze is kegels .. Hey hobby you said it like it’s so easy .. "Similar for a few months” :> I think this is a lot of time .


Yes is it a lot of time but PE should not be hurried. PE takes a lot of time and effort, some of us have been doing this for years. If you try and do too much, trying to get a quick half inch, then you could easily end up injuring yourself. Follow hobby’s advice. After a while you, when you have conditioned your dick to these pressures you are putting yourself through, then you can safely begin increasing intensity and trying advanced techniques.


There's a snake in my boot!

Hey shtraker,

Welcome to Thunder’s. If you think a few months is a long time you might as well not try. Because all you are going to do is try to do too much and hurt yourself. PE is a very long process (lifelong really), and if you aren’t willing to commit to that (at least a couple of years) you might be better off not starting. The only reason I say that is because if you want your results in less than a few months one of two things will happen. 1) you will go way overboard and hurt yourself or 2) you will see no results and quit anyway. Get your mindset right first then do as hobby says (a very wise member) and stick with the newbie routine for a few months. Good luck to you, and I do truly hope you decide to stick it out for the long haul. It is so worth it.



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