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Help please with flaccid gains

Help please with flaccid gains

Unfortunately I’m a grower, my member is rather thick and I get 6 and a half inch erections but when I’m in the shower room with other guys it shrinks up to almost nothing, I mean like a little head. If thats not bad enouph I think the other guys are telling girls that I have a small one when thats just not the case. I feel wronged. I’ve been juelquing now like 30 minutes every day and use overhand manual stretches where I pull from the base of the shaft. The reason is I get little red spots when I stretch my hand over the skin near the head because there are a lot of blood vessels. Also the fowers sit down strech also gives me little red spots, in turn when I get these little burst vessels my flaccid length decreases even more. Please help me, it’s destroying my life!

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One of the things they stress here is PE not helping your self-esteem. You will get confidence on your own. That being said, you can find flaccid length exercies in the top right corner…with the search engine :D I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you overcome this obstacle soon!

Today I do what you will not so tomorrow I am able to do what you can not.

Yeagh but I can’t find anything exept for fowers and something called ads?? Please I need help. If there are any ointments that work for flaccid, pills ect, some kind of routine just geared for flaccid gains would be helpful, thank you!

Pretty much any length routine will give you some flaccid gain. In your case since you have a very small flaccid you may gain even faster.

Also the little red spots are a sign that things are working. I cant remember if they are classified as positive or neutral but I know they are NOT a bad sign.

When you dick shrinks even more because of an intense workout causing the red spots its called turtleing. Turtleing is what happens when your dick feels threatened and pulls itself inside the fat pad to escape further injury. This isn’t bad in fact it means your dick is healing itself and that you probably gave it a hell of a workout.

Continue with your routine and keep trying the fowfers. This is going to take time. Your flaccid isn’t going to miraculously make a 2-3 inch jump over night.

Consistency and dedication will get you the gains you want.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

Red spot is neutral PI if it does not continue enlarging.

You should start with the newbie routine first off. The reason you are getting spots is probably because you are doing too much too soon and your dick is not used to it. Also, drinking a lot of water helps your flaccid hang.

Are you overweight at all? I’m very overweight and it tremendously affects my flaccid hang because of the position of my pelvis and spine which curves in to support my belly. This pulls my pelvis back and pretty much makes my flaccid just a head. Pushing your pelvis out helps and correcting your posture. The best solution would be to lose weight if that is the case.

Also, don’t let those other guys get to you…just bang those girls they talk to and that’ll set them straight and let the truth be known.

Peace out,


Thanks alot, I’m not overweight though so I don’t think losing wieght will do much but I appreciate all the advice I think I’ll be lightening my workout thanks.

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