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Help: Penis acting strangely

Help: Penis acting strangely

Yesterday I did some very intensive stretching. This morning when I woke up I noticed my penis was hanging pretty low and something about it just seemed weird. It felt kinda funny in my hands but I just couldn’t put my finger on it(no pun). I’m concerned that I may have damaged my ligs, but I feel NO PAIN what so ever but it just hangs lower and doesn’t point up as much when I get erect. My flaccid has went from about 4.5 to 5.5 and it doesn’t really make any sense. I just kinda woke up with this.

I’m pretty sure I may have been over training. I would just like to make sure I didn’t damage any of my ligs or ruined my penis. This is definitely a valuable lesson learned.

Ok, been here just a few days but it seems that your upper ligament has been stretched more than the rest, at this time, can’t give anymore advice (don’t know). Hope that helped a bit.

If you pulled a lig, I doubt you would be up to par to post. When I was hanging I tried to damage my ligs, but not severely. (:

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Hey nine, you might be able to help him, I’ve seen pretty good advices from you.

Originally Posted by ravop
Hey nine, you might be able to help him, I’ve seen pretty good advices from you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence sir, but if there is no pain then I think he is on the right track. A lot of guys should be attempting to damage their ligs one way or another.

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