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Help Mild E.D, loss of girth, soreness, do not believe it is P.E related

Help Mild E.D, loss of girth, soreness, do not believe it is P.E related

I’m 21 years old and have been a visitor of thunders for quite some time (never posted) and had on occasion partaken in the newbie routine (had always experienced good results-increased EQ , a minor increase in girth, and an increased “fullness” when flaccid.) However, over the last 4 months I’ve had symptoms that have caused me great alarm and serious depression and can only hypothesize what their initial cause was.


-Loss of penis girth both erect and flaccid (feel as if size has decreased to a degree that is smaller than my initial PE girth gains.)
- Loss of EQ (need constant manual stimulation and porn to remain erect and occasional loss of sensation)
-Soreness throughout penis especially after masturbating (especially sore underneath glans)
-Occasional firm flaccid (though this has now been replaced by a flaccid penis that feels incredibly lifeless, smaller and floppy) note: before any of these symptoms had occurred my flaccid penis had always felt full, comfortably in between firm and soft, engorged, and very responsive to touch.
-Loss of spontaneous erections (when they do occur rarely they are very weak)
-Morning erections are weaker and do not occur every morning
-Cannot get or maintain an erection when standing (erections only occur in a seated position)

What I believe may have caused this:

Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint one exact cause of these symptoms only a series of possible traumas:

-Prior to these symptoms I had experimented with Cialis when with a girl, (I had previously tried 10 mg and had no ill effects) this time I had increased my dosage to 15 mg(I know incredibly stupid and believe me I’ve beaten myself up over it enough times but alas I was a little bit drunk and was experiencing a lot of performance anxiety- I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and nervousness over sex is common for me) When taking this dose I noticed by girth had expanded to a degree I had never seen before. Although after finishing, my erection subsided I noticed throughout the next 24 hours occasional semi-erections and my penis would jump to an erection at the slightest touch.

Is it possible I had experienced a form of priapism? Is it possible with the expansion of my penis it was overstretched and caused some sort of damage?

The next days following this I cannot recall any significant changes in my penis however, it is possible there was decreased EQ but nothing overally disconcerting that I can recall (note my urologist does not believe I experienced priapism as I had no pain)

Other possible trauma:

-I had engaged in “dry humping” with the same girl and few weeks later, I can recall at one point my penis getting bent and feeling somewhat numb around the glans. However, I felt no popping saw no bruising and after consulting my urologist who did an ultrasound of my flaccid penis 3 weeks later, he concluded that a penile fracture did not occur and there was no evidence of scar tissue.

-Throughout the same period I had been mildly jelquing perhaps twice a week but don’t ever recall any pain or negative PIs at the time that indicated I had damaged myself, the above mentioned symptoms became really noticeable only after the dry humping incident.

Although my initial appointment to my urologist chalked up all of these symptoms to anxiety, I firmly believe there has been a physical change in my penis (especially a reduction in girth), and have scheduled another appointment to demand further tests (not sure what these should be though). I had also done a blood test to test testosterone levels and it was found I was in the low-normal range but my doctor did not seem to be concerned about this.

I’m posting in hopes any members (especially moderators or experienced members) may be of assistance, I’m also looking for a network of support as this has caused me a lot of depression and anxiety. And my apologies to the moderators for such a long post, just trying to be as detailed as possible.

Thank you.

I think a mix of anxiety and tiredness is the cause.

I second Marinera.

Your body might perform at a lower rate (tiredness, mineral or vitamin deficit, etc.) and your mind makes it even worse. Don’t underestimate anxiety! It prepares you for defense, cutting blood flow to non vital parts, making erection virtually impossible…

Make sure your body gets enough rest and get rid of anxiety. This is easier said than done, but you have to begin the process of getting relaxed and confident. Search the web for treatment of performance anxiety.

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I agree with marinera. Anxiety is a bitch, and you’re just giving yourself a mind job by continuously thinking about and stressing over nothing. Stop thinking about your dick, PE, etc… Get a fun hobby if you don’t already have one, and try to get all of this out of your head. When it comes to sex, try not to think about it or plan it, and let it happen when it happens, and even try to forget about masturbating until you get past this. Take your girlfriend on a fun weekend trip. That always gets my mind off of the usual things that bring me down.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Now I completely understand the role anxiety plays in interfering with sex with a partner. These, however, are symptoms (weak erections, some days none, loss of girth, soreness,flaccid penis feeling lifeless almost like jelly at times) I’ve been noticing for a while now when on my own and masturbating. My fixation on it/anxiety admittedly doesn’t help matters but I firmly believe there is something purely physical going on here. Does this sound similar to problems faced by those who had jelqed too vigorously? Had an episode of priapism? Signs of a venous leak? Low testosterone?(I’ve scheduled another blood test to see if I’m still in the low range) I’ve had an ultrasound already of my flaccid penis that revealed no damage or Peyronies scar tissue, should I ask for a doppler ultrasound with injection for erection?(or is this too invasive and potentially harmful) any other tests?(MRI, Cavernosogram?) I’ll take a week or two off from masturbating and see if that does anything. In the meantime is there anything I could do that would possibly promote healing or help with E.Q? (I’m grasping at straws here) I’ve read the thread on the use of DMSO and Iodine and how some saw results (Or is this too risky? Not well understood?)

Thanks again, I hope I’m not coming off as an anti-P.E fear monger (I’m not even completely sure if this is P.E related and like I said when I was previously following the newbie routine I saw great results so I definitely have nothing against P.E and fully understand it’s risks)

I see you are inclined to believe there is something wrong physically. Most of your symptoms can be explained by low drive induced by anxiety. Before going to medical tests, just take two weeks off from sex, which includes no watching porn, less masturbation (the least of what you can resist at your young age), no PE and the most important thing, don’t think about your penis. After that break, you just might be cured! :)

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Cthommy, stay away from porn, masturbation, PE and even this site, for a while : nothing related to your penis should disturb your mind for a week or 2.

You don’t need to buy anything, there isn’t anything that can speed-up your healing - there is nothing to heal.

I’m sorry for you, but you are fine. ;)

You really need to learn to relax about your cock.

You’ve done all the right things - consulting MDs when you sense a problem; they say no problem.

Time to worry about something else and the first thing will go away.

When you worry and have anxiety, adrenaline is signaled and you start pumping that out into your sytem. It kills erections and/or makes them weaker.



Apologies for the late reply. I appreciate all of your advice but still genuinely feel there is something physical going on here (I know my body and just can’t accept that this is of a psychological nature and at worst I believe this could be signs of a venous leak or some sort of fibrosis) I will continue to reduce my frequency of masturbation (lasted about 4 days on the last “break” I’ll try for a solid week) Another thing I neglected to mention is that when I have been able to achieve a hard rigid erection it’s as if the girth is unable to expand as it once did (it is a rigid erection but it’s as if something is preventing full expansion resulting in an almost .25 loss of size from when I last remembered measuring.) Following this break I’ll begin on the newbie routine shortly, hopefully this will have some effect on poor E.Q and girth. Thanks again.

I experience the same thing except I only loss length, not girth. It occurred from doing stretches, not from jelqing. Right now I plan on buying certain supplement to fix this issue. I’m guessing the problem is in my pelvic. I have anterior pelvic tilt. I think just doing my strength training to remove my anterior pelvic tilt with hip flexor stretch and take some supplement, I should be back in action.

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