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Girth loss

Girth loss

Hey guys, I’ve dug up my old measurements and although it was less than I originally thought, I’m still pleased with my erect length gains from 5.84 ins to 6.25ins.
However, in terms of girth I have made a small loss from 4.32 ins to 4.25 ins. Thats a bit tragic as I was already a pencil dick!
I’ve noticed that most guys first gains are made in length AND girth, so I’m wondering if you guys know any reasons why I have this loss? Poor measuring technique? Or is it connected to the length gains? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks guys.

P.S. I’m following the newbie routine.

I’m on the newbie at the moment too and I don’t seem to have made much, if any, in terms of girth.
I’ve been on it for almost two months now but I’ve decided to concentrate on length for a while which seems to be going well.

Hopefully someone can help because I would be interested in suggestions too.

Good luck and I’m sure someone can help

ScottAid, there are many possible explanations including injury-based. The most likely explanation in my mind is related to what you said about measuring technique. Girth is very difficult to measure correctly, in my case I found it to vary 1/4” depending on erection quality. Maybe it is a good idea to have measuring periods instead of measuring days and work with mean values instead.

I doubt if you’ve really lost girth. 0.08” is a pretty small amount and is within the margin of error of measuring.

You probably just haven’t gained any significant extra girth yet. I think the jelqing in the newbie routine should give you some girth gain if you give it more time.

Of course once you feel you have a good feel of what you’re doing and have conditioned yourself the best way to get girth is to start including Ulis and maybe try clamping and/or pumping. But stick with what your doing as long as you’re getting some length gains and then maybe think about concentrating on the girth.

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Cool, thanks for the swift replies. I was thinking that by spacing out my measurements monthly, I’d be more impressed and motivated by my gains, but if it may be the cause of this “loss”, I’ll measure more frequently and work out a mean. Once a week seems good to me, with a monthly average.

I’m definitely going to keep my routine the same for the next few months, hopefully make at least more length gains before I use any advanced techniques.

When I said measuring periods I think more like measuring a couple of days in a row under similar conditions, work out a mean and there you have your measure. I wait at least a month until my next measuring period, my growth is extremely slow and I want to see that something happened since last time. I guess we all have to do what feels right to keep up motivation, this is what I found worked for me.

Probably poor measuring technique.


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