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Help 3 months of PE no gains at all

Help 3 months of PE no gains at all

Hi. I started PEing this february consistently and stopped almost 2 weeks ago, just when I measured the same size before starting PE.

My routine first month was the newbie, and the next 2 I added the dld blasters(around 40 per session). The sessions consisted
5 min warm up in hot water, 20min of stretching(either manual all ways for 30sec, BTC or DLDstretch), 20min jelq(mostly 30-50% erection),
And afterwards a shower with 5-10min of JAI stretch or milking. I also did kegels during the day.
This I was doing for 3-4 times a week regularly. Didn’t have any injuries except red and black spots occasionally.

The only gain I saw from the first week on is the rock hard nitewood and some increasing in veins. I did have visible increase in lenght for a day
Or two(after a 4-5days break) on 2-3 occasions but didn’t see it cemented.
So total lenght increase let’s say from 0 >to insignificant gain 0.3cm.

I lost my motivation now, but I will try this summer again for three months after I finish the half marathon race.

In the meantime if you some of the more experienced have something usefull to share or advice me I will appreciate a lot.
I must be doing something wrong but don’t know yet what it is to change it, and if theres a posibillity of a genetic problem, then let it be I will
Accept it I am satisfied with my dick size.

You should keep track of your EG at three points and your BPFSL. The jelqs should be done at 60-80% level of erection. DLD blasters, you should avoid them. You have not stated your frequency; anyway, do the said adjustements and stick with this for another couple of months, see if you get gains anywhere.

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