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Hello everyone,

I have been a member to this site for a quite a while but I never had the time for PE or was not dedicated enough due to school, work and other factors. For 2010 I had a few resolutions, which I’m sure we all do, and one of them was to begin PE. I have already started with the newbie routine but I’m actually very interested with the concepts of Edging and Clamping. Can anyone please tell me how we can do them, where to start in simple steps or would have any other exercises I can do that might be a big PE gainer

Thank You

Well good luck with your goals and be commit ed to your routine to achieve them.

Edging 101

CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

This threads are the most complete that I have found about edging and clamping, you should give them a nice read. I am surprised though as you have been a member for so long, so you should know that clamping is a definite no no for a newbie.

You need to condition your dick for around 4 moths if not more before going into such an advanced exercise, or else you will highly increase your probability to get injured.

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Ill definitealy take that into mind gryphon thank you, ill try a newbie routine first as suggested then ill get into clamping

Welcome, and good luck!

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