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Hello, newb here.


Your very right, I do tend to overdo things, which is why instead of just doing it, I’m asking. And I think your right, I’m going to hold off on clamping for bit. Just do the newbie routine I’ve been doing. Thanks for the advice. :)

Hi there!! I’m new here and I’ve been very enthusiastic in doing this exercise process coz I really think my thing is small.. My current length is just 9.5cm (not bone pressed) I’ve been doing this for a month now my current routine is..

5 min warm-up (sometimes I skip it) is it really necessary?

5 min stretch

12 min jelq

10set/10sec kegel, I really don’t feel comfortable doing this

5 min warm-down (sometimes none at all)

So far no increase, but still hopping for a favorable result hehe.

Well as far as warm-ups go, I look at it like this, when I’m about to work my body I want to stretch and get my muscles relaxed (I use a sauna) to prevent from hurting myself during the workout, and this is just working out your penis so it should be done, and who knows it could contribute to helping you get gains. Of course maybe someone with better intelligence in this field will come along and explain it better. :)


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