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Hello, newb here.


Hello, newb here.

Hi guys, I found a paysite that mentioned something along the lines of exercising your penis, it wanted me to pay 50 so I thought I’d hold off, then last week I decided to search google and found another, but this time it named the method; Jelqing. Thus I googled Jelqing which lead me to another forum, and through that forum lead me here.

I’ve been reading about the place, studying on methods, side effects, and the like. Tried watching some of the vids, but I cannot do so just yet..

How ever I have one question, I just started two days ago doing the newbie routine, and I started clamping and BTC yesterday, But when ever I do any of it, I don’t feel umm.Like it’s been worked out, no pain at all. But I’m not numb, the only thing that seems like it might be working is the clamping, but about a min after the cable clamp is off I feel completely fine.

So in other words, I wonder if I should apply more force, but I’m a tad bit worried that anymore force (because I’ve been giving a hell of alot of force with the jelqing and made the clamp as tight as possible) will give me very much unwanted gifts such as veins bursting lol.

Now even though I just started P.E. When I was wonder I used to “condition” my self using extereme temps such as the hottest water my bath could produce, and the coldest it could produce, not to mention I masturbated since I was five, but thats another story. Do you think this might have something to do with it? Or am I supposed to feel like nothing just happened when it’s done? If so then damn why can’t other workouts be like that, maybe then I’d actually have that six pack lol sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

Don’t clamp yet man way way too early for any thing other than a real basic newbie routine. Search for it!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Don’t clamp yet man way way too early for any thing other than a real basic newbie routine. Search for it!

Alright, I’ll keep that in mind and set down those clamps for now, but so far (and I know it might take more then just two days) but I’ve not noticed any positive PIs other then when I clamped :P but I’ll stick to the newb routine. I just thought I should be able to fill at least something, anything. Thanks man.

When you do your BTC and other manual stretches, do you feel the base of your penis slightly “pulling”?

During your jelqing does your member get filled with blood, particulary the glans?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

You should be able to download the videos now. If you can’t, check the VIDEO SERIES Feedback thread.

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Harris, hmm, during the manual stretches yeah, and jelqing I do feel the blood fill the glans as I push, I’ve found that a “c” grip (I think it’s the one using both hands, thumbs and index and middle fingers to jelq) works the best for filling that, I’ve been dry jelqing but today I’ve used some skin lotion for a wet jelq, lol it’s the only thing close to lube I got other than maybe umm shampoo and conditioner haha.

Also the BTC seems to be hard to get it to feel that way, my scrotum is pretty large (which also makes my member look smaller) and gets in the way lol speaking of which is there anything to increase the size of your balls I wonder? I guess that would go with increasing the amount one comes? MY best bet may be to masturbate before I BTC so that the sacks aren’t as full. Your thoughts? Also I’m BTC right now, but I’m doing the “lazy ass” method. Heh

Memento, I’ll try to see if I can view the vids. Thanks

And thanks guys :D

With the BTC pull your sack to one side and elevate a leg. It’s not a natural position for your scrotum and feels a little weird. Elevating a leg and just pulling straight down (as opposed to behind) should give you an excellent lig stretch as well.

I use cocoa butter for lube, there are probably better but it does the job.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Hmm when I did the btc, I just raised a leg, reaches behind and through and grab the head useing an ok grip, and the pull down and then bring it up causeing the sack to split to either side, I let the leg down, then just sit, and when I don’t feel the strain, I scoot up like a dog on the carpet haha

[edit] Just found out that if you lean back while doing this it causes more strain, I can feel like I’m actually doing something now lol, makes sense though, if that works for the manual streach, then why not for this too huh?

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Originally Posted by miromoto
causeing the sack to split to either side,

I guess theres no harm in doing this either, I just find it easier to pull to one side.

You raise an interesting point about leaning back. I learnt that in the first few days also, that slightly altering your balance/postioning gives a greater stretch. I used to do a lot of leg stretches for running so I may look into this a lot further.

Whats your routine like at the moment?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I know I shouldn’t, but I’m stubborn and hard headed, and like I said though I’ve not PEed before this week, I did my own conditioning way back so my endurance should be slightly higher then most starting out (considering I did it since I was five till about 18, I stoped the element part of the condition and stayed with the good ole masturbation condition, I masurbated more then once every other day, and at least once a day. Also my record when I was 12 and 8 times in a day, I quickly lost the time to train that hard though, so that only lasted for about a week haha.)

My modified newb routine is.(mind you this is what I had laying around the house)


Manual streanch, 30 sec each in all directions, and done twice.

50 jelqs

Helicopter streach

50 more jelqs

(Clamping, three sets of ten min, and resting ten inbetween, also on second set BTB, and the only thing I had to buy)

50 kegels, five second hold, two second rest.

100 more jelqs


BTC lazy ass verison.

The detail on how is below.

Warmup, I tried wraping and got tired of haveing to dip the towel in a bowl of water I warmed in the microwave, so instead I just dip my entire self into the bowel lol or run a hot steamy bath. OR the hottub at my apartment, what ever I can find to warm me up, but I think the dipping into a bowel or bath is much easier and faster then reapplying a towel.

Manual streach, 30 seconds out, 30 seconds to the left, 30 seconds to the right, 30 seconds up and 30 seconds down, I reapeat this be go reverse, or hell sometimes I’ll mix it up to keep it somewhat less boreing.

Then I’ll do maybe 50 jelqs useing the reverse ok style (I think thats the one with your thumb and index finger faceing you.)

Then I do the helicopter streach, moveing it clock then counter clock each 30 seconds.

Then another 50 jelqs :)

(I was clamping after this doing three sets of ten min clamps, resting for ten inbetween, and on the second clamp I’d do BTB. This is also the only thing I had to go out a buy.)

50 Kegels (I have the hardest time doing these, lol but I do em damnit, useing the hold of five seconds but resting the two second for the two sec theory I read somewhere here, I forget who to credit.)

Then I do 100 more jelqs


Then BTC and just sit on it untill I get up or feel uncomfortable, when that happens I found that if I turn it to a side, it’s no longer uncomfortable, and then I keep repeating for how ever long I feel like going. Infact I’m doing this now.

Sometimes I throw warmup in randomly, but if I heat the water up in the bowel, I try to kegel while I do this.

But apon discovering the lean, I think I might try the BTC while I do situps now Hahaha, definitely make it more interesting I’m sure.

I forgot to add the percentage of arousal during jelqing, the frist 50 at 50% and next 50% at 40% and the last 100 starting at 40% and ending usualy in 90%

But sometimes I BTC or clamped throughout the day for the hell of it. And I do that routine when I wake up and when I go to bed.

That’s not too dissimilar to what im doing, stretching punctuated by jelqing. Im going to shake it up a bit tommorow though and do ten minutes jelqs first off then the manual stretching after.

Have you measured yet?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Lol nope haven’t because I don’t have a ruler or a tape measure, buuuuut I did use a coke can for my length a few months back, and I know for a fact a coke can is five inches, and I’m slightly over it by I’d say.half an inch? And my thickness then was three of my fingertip wide, But I did take a pre picture to see what changes as I go.

Soon as I obtain a ruler I’m going to measure.

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Wow I know this is way old, but I’ve been without Internet for along time, any who I’ve measured and I’m 6’ long and 5’thick according to this nylon ruler. (I could be doing it wrong though.) ima aim for 8’ length and 6’ width anyways.

Main reason I’m bringing this back is because I want to ask a question, but don’t want to open a new post just yet because this is still on topic. I said earlier I wanted to clamp, I still do, My LOT is exactly 12:00 would clamping be a good idea to reach my goals? Also what about Hanging? I want input before I accidentally make my penis explode or rip off.

Miromoto, you really shouldn’t do any clamping or anything that is different than the newbie routine. You only have one penis, why risk it, even if it’s a low chance? Most people do the newbie routine for at least 3 or 4 months. You seem to be really into PEing, wait AT LEAST one month! You seem like the guy that will want to overdo things, but this shouldn’t be your mindset with PE. Less is more!

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