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Hello I think I'd better get started

Hello I think I'd better get started

Well well well. SO I’m a newbie! Well, a bit of a lurker. I’m 20 years old and have no problems in the bedroom. I fuck like a madman. BUT HERE’S THE THING. I had two experiences recently that WERE NOT SO GREAT. One with my girlfriend, it wasn’t a big deal. She was putting a condom (one of those tight kinds) and was surprised at the fact that it didn’t want to roll over the entire length of my shaft. She commented “your dick isn’t that big” then as I looked at her a bit nonplussed, she quickly assured me that a real big one isn’t good and that my size was “great. Perfect!” I just said, “great” and fucked her.

So I broke up with this girl because of that comment (just kidding, but she won’t be at my school next semester so it’s done) and when I get home from college I went partying with another girl. We were talking and drinking and bizarre as it seems, she actually brought the subject of cock size up herself. ANYhow she mentioned that girth mattered a lot to her, and most people. Sweet, whatever, I’m a sexually confident guy. So after our drunken fondling gets to the point that it’s totally inappropriate, I take her out to my car to have some back seat fun, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. :Wink wink: So after some mutual oral sex and groping, she slides onto me and asks me a question I have not heard in.. Well, never. She asked me if I was in yet. Aaaaaaaah. How wonderful. I assured her that I was, in fact, in yet. We made love, or more accurately, we drunkenly jackrabbit fucked in the back of a freezing SUV while she moaned “sooo deep” probably because she was afraid she’d offended me. We both had fun, I think.

Now, I just measured and I’m a bone-pressed length of almost 7 inches (I’m happy- I recall a year ago being almost 6.5, and I did minimal PE in that time) but I measured my girth, which I thought was just fine. Not even 5 inches. About 4.75. Not to offend anyone with comparable cocks to my own, or even smaller, but I think that anything under 5 in girth is just a bit skinny, isn’t it? I don’t like the idea of having a skinny cock, and I don’t like the idea of a woman having to ask me if I am in yet.

Thankfully, I know from reading this forum that this stuff can work. I hope I’m a fast gainer, particularly in girth. I’m pretty much just saying “hey” and “hi there” and asking for any tips or whatever. I’m not really used to online community stuff but this one seems about as worthwhile as they come!

Remember.. You.. Are my number one.. A-guy.
-Jack Napier

Hi Jack,

Welcome to the forum.

7” BPEL is over average. 4.75” girth is around average. Make sure you are measuring these properly so you don’t have a problem with judging gains later. Measure length on top of the penis and make sure you aren’t digging the ruler in under the pubic bone or resting the end agains ligs. With girth take the thickest part midshaft. It’s sensible to take other measurement too. But you know all that, right?

Have fun with your PE, I’m glad to hear you have a healthy attitude. Women differ quite radically in their capacity.

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Nice post, Jack. Keep us apprised of your PE gains.

Nice Story. I encourage you to take pictures before you REALLY start PE.

Also, Girth seems to be the hardest to gain for many people, but I can assure you that discouragement is not the end.

Keep on pulling, stroking, and squeezin, but do so Wisely. Read everything possible on here first, and do as the vets say.

Good Luck.

Good luck on your journey. Keep on it and it should work out the way that you want, just don’t overdo it to start.

Welcome jacknapier. “is it in yet?…” OOhh what an ego crusher! She must have been drunk. Anyway, follow a consistent routine and keep us posted on your results …and your interesting conquests!

Yeah, I agree with jacknapier on the skinny cock part, I’m 4 1/2” and I can tell you it looks skinny to me, girth is an area that I really want to see improvments on, my wrist for example is exactly 6 inches (which I hope to have in girth).

Keep at PE’s man, even know I only had my 5th PE session so far, I can see already I’m starting to hang more and for some reason my penis appears a bit healthier.

Good luck and keep us updated!

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Thanks for the warm reception, guys! I will look into the pictures and need to do a serious study of my size as the first step of a commitment to a routine. I think I’ll be around for a while.

Wait’ll they get a load of me!
-Jack Napier

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