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Getting started

Getting started

I started doing a wet jelq technique a few weeks ago and started slacking due to getting busy. I’m getting ready to start back up. Would it be wise to masturbate before jelquing to decrease the chance of becoming too erect during the excercise or is it safe to become over 80% erect.

My current length is 6 and my goal is 7-7.5.

I’ve read some on how long to do it and from what I’ve read so far it looks like I should start off with a 5 min. Warm wrap and a wet jelq of about 10 min for the 1st week.

If anybody has any pointers,please share them with me. Thanks

Any newbies want to give this fellow a hand?

Don’t do anything above 80% erect. There is too great a possibility of getting hurt. Masterbating before jelqing may lead to insufficient expansion. I would suggest negative imagery stimulation. Think ofBill Clinton in a speedo. That should do the trick. :D Seriously though I would just jelq and if your erection gets too high just wait a seec or two and start again. After a short time you will be able to controll it.

Don’t neglect stretching. Even if your not going after length, stretching does wonders in assisting girth gains.


Originally Posted by Mr. Nine

Any newbies want to give this fellow a hand?



RTG to the rescue again.

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
Any newbies want to give this fellow a hand?

Read.. Read.. Read everything you can get your hands on here at Thunder’s. The wealth of information here is staggering. Don’t miss those “similar threads” links at the bottom of threads, you can get lost in here for hours on end. :)

I agree with RTG, since you mentioned a length goal, but not a girth goal, I’d assume you’re going after length, in which case I’d certainly add manual stretches to your routine.

As a side note, when I first started years ago (less than seriously) I started with jelqs only like you, and had trouble keeping my erection down too. This time around, I don’t seem to have that problem, but I’m doing about 20 minutes of manual stretching before my jelqs this time. Maybe the stretching is tiring me out a bit first so I don’t get such an easy erection, I don’t know, just a thought.

I have to agree with Eroset on the read read part . I too want more lenght but I want girth as well so I have started using stretching and hanging to help me reach my goal . I also pump to aid in the girth growth of it too.

Main thing is set a routine and stick with it . Any bodybuilder will tell you that they got that way from years of hard work and training and that is what you have to have set in your mind that the growth will not come over night, but with time.

I too have found that stretching helps keep me from getting a full erection when jelking .

Hope this helps you out from one newbie to another

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