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Hello all

Hello all

Hi there guys, it’s good to be finally approved as a newbie here. Nice to meet all of you.

Alright, I will just go straight to the point with my case:

I have an almost 30 degree curvature to the left when I’m fully erect and I want to fix it or at least reduce the curvature. The middle point of the left side of my shaft does not expand properly like it’s right side counterpart. I’m not sure if it’s Peyronie’s because I never experienced anything strange like penile diseases before.

My fully erect penile length is about 5.12 inches long with the curvature.

I’m thinking of starting a jelqing routine to reduce it. Is it the best option for me?

Hard to say. You can read some of the threads I’ve just linked to a fellow about the same topic here:
marinera - Newbie wanting specific advice

and then make an enlightened decision. I can anticipate that curves aren’t fixed in short time and that never completely, but some degree of improvement can be obtained with manual stretches and extenders.

Thank you for the link.


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