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Hello, A little info

Hello, A little info

First post here, I think it’s a amazing forum you have going here, where I’ve learned many things about my own body and about others

I plan to start the newbie routine on the 16th of January, hopefully ill stay strong at this 2 notice some improvement in a few months.

Only thing I’m struggling 2 find info on is kegels, I know what they are but I wondered are the any tips you guys have for me?

P.S = I have a pic I want to let everyone see, so they can tell me what situation I’m in. How can I do this?

P.S 2 :P = What age does your penis stop growing, I’m 18 now and wonder if I still have growing to do, I’ve still not produced all of the facial hair (jaw line etc is still only just appearing)


Hey G

Hey Gain-Unit,
Welcome to Thunders.
You’re doing the right thing by reading so much and not rushing into your first routine so that’s a good start.
Here is a link to a thread where we’re talking about kegels. You might see something useful on there and if not then just drop a post there and you’re sure to get some useful advice.
Confused about kegels.
As for the age that your penis will stop growing, you can’t really put a date on this. Some people will stop at about your age and others will continue to grow into their twenties.. You’ll just have to wait and keep your fingers crossed. :)
One other point I will quickly make is that the forum guidelines he are quite stringent so be sure to give them a read (I’m mainly referring to your use of ‘2’ instead of ‘two’).


What would happen IF you had growing to do, but started PEing anyway, would this mess up your penis and hinder any natural growth. I’m asking because I’m in the same situation as you mate, being 18 etc.

Hi Gain Unit

When you are out and about reading the marvelous information on this forum, take a few minutes to read these Forum Guidelines

Thanks, oh and welcome to Thunders.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sorry about that guys, I’ve read them completely now. I wrote the message while I was in a rush, that probably explains the short text.

Sorry again


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