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Having trouble jelqing

Having trouble jelqing

Hello everyone, I have been consistently doing the newbie routine and have been finding some neutral and negative PI’s, and was hoping someone could help me, so here is what I believe the issue is, and also I have posted pics of my member so you may understand why this is happening:

When wet jelqing I must keep reapplying lube otherwise it gets dry and I begin to lose my erection. I noticed that the vein on the top of my penis is extremely large and find that it is nearly impossible for me to jelq without squeezing it out and I find that at times, while it may not hurt, it does cause some discomfort, and I think this may be keeping me from gaining in the future. I find that after my session, my unit begins to turtle during my end hot wrap, and that my erections require more porn for me to get as aroused. I am confused if I am doing this right or not though since my unit does feel fuller. Also I cannot depend on my morning and night wood, as I normally do not get erections during my sleep. I am guessing this is due to bad blood circulation. I suppose I am asking if other members have experienced trouble with the dorsal vein and if and how they got to jelq without disturbing this vein. I also find doing the newbie routine, the jelqing takes me 20 minutes to do versus the 10 minutes listed. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. And one more thing, how the hell can you do 50 kegels??? I drink about 64 ounces of water just so I can pee enough, and I find it extremely hard to do even 25 kegels as I start and stop the flow of urine many times while peeing. It gets to the point where then my piss does not want to go. Are my muscles that weak? Or am i over training? Thanks in advance

Let me just say…you dont have to be peeing to do kegals people just mention that so you know which muscle it is. I myself hate jelqing because I dont like messing with my veins and I feel it holds me back because I cant bring myself to do enough pressure. Anyone with some tips? I worry my veins are going to burst.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Bluray is right on the Kegel’s.

If you need more time than predicted to do the prefixed number of jelqs, it means you are doing them slower than average -it’s a good thing, per se.

You don’t have any signs of overwork; I think your fear about bursting veins is excessive. If you raise sligthly the intensity of your jelqs and do a proper warm-up, you have very low probability to have injuries.

I prefer dry jelqing for this reason. Less stress on the outer skin for me. And less mess.

It’s possible that you might be applying too much pressure when you jelq, the symptoms you described remind me a little bit of what I went through when I started jelqing. Fuller penis yet harder to get wood and turtling to be specific. Shortly after starting I realized I was just being very overzealous in my workouts and decided to lower the intensity and then everything did a 180, when I took it a little easier I noticed better erections and no turtling, after a few days my erections were even better then when I first started. Try not jelqing as hard and very gradually building up the pressure. Remember that you don’t want to hurt yourself. Happy PEing.

Bluray, if you don’t like to jelq then what exercises do you do? I can see from your sig that you have made some very nice gains. Just curious.

I have focused on only length, when I first got into the PE thing and did manual work I gained 0.30 inches of girth at the most which I am not sure how much was just from the better EQ. Only this last week I have started adding in girth work such as clamping and intense jelqing and I’m going to use a pump once a week.

Last 2 years I have done only Hanging. I am pretty jealous of your girth :)

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Also a thing to note is that you do not want to apply too much pressure on the very top of your penis. Most the pressure should be focused on the sides. When I jelq I never have any direct contact with the vein running on the top of my penis.

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Thanks for the responses, first thing in my next session I will try less pressure as I do jelq a bit hard, and I will focus on the sides versus the top. Will keep you posted on if I see any changes.

Sounds good. :)

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