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converting the pj

converting the pj

This is just an idea and I myself havnt tryed it. I take no responsibility for injuries.In other words try at your own risk.
That being said i had an idea to convert the pj into a haning devise. you will need strink and a weight(I recomend about 5lb or less)

Attach the pj to base of a 50% erect penis and close handles to desired tightness and tie both ends of the handles so they wont open. now the pj should easily be able to hang by its self.
Now on the middle of the handle tie a string to the point where it is stable, now connect the other end of the string to a weight and then let the pj slowly hang the weight wich will cause a very slow slide down your penis wich cause a massive jelq effect. Make sure to stop the device about an inch before it gets to your glands.

don't do it

I remember the postings of a poor fellow at who tried to stretch with the power jelq device. Even three months later, one half of his penis feels numb, and he strongly discouraged everyone to use the PJ for stretching. I think he even put it into his signature. He has seen a doctor numerous times, and still no improvement. The poor guy was pretty desparate.

For what its worth (even though you’ll probably still try it) this may be a horrible idea, I used the pj for awhile and am familiar with the kind of stress its capable of putting on the shlong. And as VRMan said, I can recall reading a few posts about people REALLY ****ing themselves up, and I mean perminantly when not using the pj as recommended.

If you want to hang please do it right, hanging is not one of those thing to experiement with. Only get one cock…

Hey Doc,

Please can you keep us up to date on any effects/injuries you do notice, its bound to help someone in the future.


i dont think ill try it from reading those posts. I dont want to risk injury

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