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Hard enough

Hard enough


I’ve been PE’ing for a couple weeks now and feeling a little more comfortable doing it. When jelqing I have been squeezing almost as hard as I can, but I don’t seem to get any red spots like people talk about. I’m wondering if either I don’t bruise easy, or I need to go harder (though I’m not sure how), I jelq at 50 -80% erreciton

That one gave me a laugh ThunderSS….:) Do not try to force gains little6, encourage growth instead.


Do you want to become a Ginger ;) ?

Don’t really want a spotty dick, just thought if I was doing it right I would see them to start out with, I guess that’s not the case, as you can tell I am a green horn at this

Dare I ask what a ginger is?

Hm ah well.. Red spots only appeared on my dick when a) I wasn’t properly warmed up (or not at all), and b) I put too much pressure (clamping + soft jelqing movements) on the tunica.
And no, I would not go for red spots.. Those are injuries and only a sign that you overdid it big time (for the state of conditioning your penis is in).

Just my 2 €-cents,

Originally Posted by little6
Dare I ask what a ginger is?

People with freckles.

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