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Hi there all,

I am fairly new to PE and will get on the net from time to time to learn about PE routines. When i came across this site, which is one of my first, i noticed that about every routine involves a lot of hanging. I was just wondering, is it possible to make decent gains without hanging and just hot wrap, jelqing, and stretches? Right now im 6.7x5 with a goal of 8x6. Any replies will be greatly apreciated. and any rountine suggestions also. Thanks.


Yes, guys here make gains doing all sorts of exercises, not just hanging (for length).

Some get good gains by spending a lot of time and going at it aggressively and some seem to do better for themselves by doing it for shorter periods of time and less aggressively. It seems we all respond differently.

Check out the thread from the main page under “articles” titled “collective wisdom from the Vets” (or something like that).
It gives the routines and time frames of some of the Big gainers.

I go back and look at it every so often, it gives me motivation.

I have never hung (yet) though I plan to once Bib gets his hangers back into production. But I have made slow but steady progress by manual stretching and jelqing. I spend about an hour or so a day at it.

Remember PE is a long term venture.

Good luck and welcome to Thunders.

Oh yeah and just read as much as you can. And perhaps keep track of your progress at “sizes PE data site” accessible at the bottom of every page.

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